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eikon is a four piece rock band based out of Nashville, TN that focuses on making popular music that is still infused with creativity. After almost four years as a band eikon released their new EP "Careful Hands / Steady Hands" in October and is in the studio working on a full length album for April


The typical band finds a sound and rolls with it. This never quite cut it for eikon. Why write the same song over and over again? In the span of an eikon set the listener can come in contact with so many different musical influences. From heavy songs to beautiful songs the entire spectrum is covered.


"Careful Hands / Steady Hands" EP
1. Careful Hands | Steady Hands
2. Children, Be LOVE
3. Bless This Heart
4. Keep It Close

Set List

1. my confinement
2. children, be love
3. i couldnt sleep because of the storm
4. keep it close
5. careful hands / steady hands
6. breathe in her fire
7. buried ground
8. 151