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Vic, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE

Vic, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE
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Tribute to perseverance 2011



Nobody would think that a band such as Eikostate could ever emerge from a place like Barcelona, Spain. The mix of rock and traditional Japanese music, together with the catchy pop melodies, is something you can’t find today in a scene where radio stations fill your ears with the same old stuff.

We decided to shut ourselves up in our rehearsal room the needed time to get what we wanted to get, forgoing our desire to play live.

Despite all the time offstage, their creative and personal effort finally bore fruit: the record company RGB Suports believed in the band and their debut album, entitled “Tribute to Perseverance”, will be published on June, 2011. It is an album full of great melodies, with the power of the best rock and mixed with a great number of traditional Japanese instruments, which give a personal touch and a very special atmosphere to it.

“A new and amazing bunch of songs will put them in the place they always have belonged. Eikostate’s work shows a band with no limitations. They merge the message of bands such as Dredg, Tool or Deftones into oriental folklore elements in a way that no one has ever done before. It is a combination that apparently could turn out weird, but it sounds delicious on their hands, though.”

Uri / Rockzone magazine, pre-album review.

Eikostate´s first single and song for its first video is called “A Life Less Painful”.

“This song is dedicated to a very good friend of ours. It´s about the pain he was going through during a time of his life, which made him vanish off the face of the earth. He enclosed himself into a dark hole, which many people wouldn´t be able to get out of. It’s about how by his efforts to renew, he deserves a better life, a life less painful.”

Self-produced by the band and mixed by Drew Mazurek (Linkin Park, Mindset, HIM, Dog Fashion Disco, Sinchi) – “Eikostate create an awesome blend of cultures that will remain with you forever.” Mastered by Alan Douches (Fleetwood Mac, Mastodon, Misfits, Everytime I Die, Hole, Sepultura) – “Eikostate, with its first album, “Tribute to perseverance”, won’t leave anyone indifferent.”