Eileen Tipping Band

Eileen Tipping Band


Eileen Tipping's music is thought provoking, eclectic, and soothing to the ear. Her voice envelops the listener in a warm embrace - and her band is the perfect compliment to that voice. Her avowed aim is to uplift, challenge, and move her audience to "change the prescription of their glasses"


Eileen Tipping is an award-winning songwriter whose sound had been compared to Joni Mitchell, Tracy Nelson - even Van Morrison! Her songs are an eclectic mix of blues, jazz, country and folk, and deal with the eternal quest for love, light, beauty and joy in a world that is often harsh and cold. The Eileen Tipping band is a unique combo which includes, in addition to guitar, bass an drums, an accordion! This creates a sound that sometimes brings to mind a Parisian street cafe, sometimes a country hoe down. ot your usual singer-songwriter fare!


Coming and Going

Written By: Eileen Tipping

I’m always saying I’m sorry
You’re always’s saying “That’s O.K.”
I’m always hoping your love will change me
You’re always saying it will someday.

You’re always coming and going
I’m always wishing you’d stay
I’m always reaching out to touch you
You’re always just a breath away
You’re always just a breath away

I always said it was easy
You always said it just looks that way
I always told you that life was a game
You said that someday I’d learn how to play

You’re always coming and going…

I climb the mountain and slide back down
Spinning my wheels, can’t seem to make any ground
Trying so hard to keep my eyes on the prize
When all I really want to do
Is take a long cool drink of your eyes

Someday I’ll make you a garden
Between the night and the first of day
So full of roses and sun and love
You’ll come and you’ll never go away

You’re always coming and going…


Written By: Eileen Tipping

Madwoman in the moonlight
Dancing ‘til the break of dawn
Like some wild bird in flight
She keeps traveling on and on and on
Til she finds a place where she belongs
Til she finds a heart so bright
A safe refuge, a sacred song-
Madwoman in the moonlight.

Madwoman at the break of day
Climbing up the mountainside
To catch the sun’s first golden ray
To find the place where love resides
To find the place she calls her own
Place where she can stay
Heart and spirit, flesh and bone
Madwoman at the break of day

Sweet madness, sweet darkness
She’s spinning through her dreams.
She knows her dance will draw him near.
Her lover, she sees him, out where the starlight streams.
He’ll come and he’ll hold her
His armes will enfold her
They’ll dance within the moon’s bright beams.

Ba da da da da da da…….

Madwoman by the water’s wall
Hurls her grief into the sun.
While the mysteries rise and fall
She weeps for the Stolen Ones.
Hurls her grief into the sky
As she screams her call-
Like a lonely hawk she flies
Madwoman by the water’s wall.

Sweet madness, sweet darkness…

Summer Kitchen

Written By: Eileen Tipping

Sitting in the summer kitchen
Sunlight streaming in
Staring at my morning coffee
With my hand on my chin-
I’m remembering
The feeling of your lips on my skin
And I’m wondering
Why I keep playing when I know that I can’t win.

Sitting in the summer kitchen
Watching the cat on the lawn
Spending all my time wishing
That you weren’t gone…
My life just rolls on and on
I wait from the dusk to the dawn
Sitting by my window with this candle on
Hoping you might come back
Knowing you won’t come back to me

The summer kitchen
The bed upstairs
Warm wine kisses in my hair
Your sleeping head on the pillow
Where have you gone?
Where have you gone?

Sitting in the summer kitchen
Grapes hanging on the vine
I’m gonna pack up my bags
And move on down the line
I must be right out of my mind
To think that I could leave you behind
Oh, but Baby, I’ve got to keep on trying
‘Cause I know you’ll never come back
Never gonna come back to me.

Sitting in the summer kitchen
All on my own
Sitting in the summer kitchen…Alone.


"Rough Cuts" -1997 - still available on Itunes and other sites
" Summer Kitchen" - 2008 - Available from CD Baby and on the website

Set List

Sets are always a mix of original music and a few covers, usually 1 hour in duration. Song list available on website