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Artist: Eileina Williams
Title: Introducing…Eileina Williams
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Label: Independent

Jazz standards have a way of warming your soul. Any good vocalist that knows the tradition and culture of the music will let you to travel back in time without effort and become one with the music and its meaning. The only problem I can see developing during the course of recording is choosing the best songs for a particular vocalist. So why do they feel compelled to put out an entire album of covers? They do it because they love the music, to test their worthiness as a musician or vocalist, and because it is a right of passage in the genre.

Some artists do a great job with albums like this and others are better off sticking to their own material, then there are individuals like Eileina Williams, an amazingly talented woman whose most treasured instrument is her voice. She sounds as if each song were made especially for her on the stunning debut album Introducing…Eileina Williams. She steps out with style covering timeless classics such as “Our Love Is Here To Stay,” which gives an indication of her tremendous range and exceptional projection, and bluesy smoke filled nightclub numbers like “Willow Weep For Me,” focus on her smooth and sultry style and innate sense of rhythm.

There are 12 tracks on this recording and Williams takes each one on as a personal labor of love. You can hear it, feel it, and almost touch it…she is that convincing. With a debut this good, it is probable that there are many more good years ahead for this versatile and talented woman.

Her supporting cast is marvelous. They took two days to put this album together, an incredible turnaround. Going into the studio with no expectations, they carved out their own place in time with memorable interpretations of some the most loved jazz tunes. Kudos to Shelly Berg (piano), Darek Oles (bass) and Kendall Kay (drums), they helped Williams feel right at home. The ease and style that she maintains throughout this CD is a direct reflection of the superb musical support found throughout this recording.

Albums of this nature need many things happening all at once in the right way for it to turn out like it should. Well, it looks like their guardian angels were with them for two days in the studio because this is a great album. It takes a lot to impress me and particularly on an entire recording of covers. This was obviously a magical and spiritual experience for all involved-it certainly was for me.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-http://www.muzikreviews.com

April 19, 2005

01. I Hear Music (3:05)
02. Black Coffee (6:33)
03. Period (2:48)
04. What A Little Moonlight Can Do (2:08)
05. I Cover The Waterfront (5:24)
06. Thou Swell (3:32)
07. East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)
08. Our Love Is Here To Stay (4:30)
09. What Is This Thing Called Love? (2:27)
10. Sometimes I’m Happy (3:40)
11. Willow Weep For Me (7:37)
12. If I Should Lose You (4:25)

- Hannaleck

Media name: Rob Robinson
Company name: Valley FM 89.5
Date: 2005-11-10 12:56:02

Feedback: Hi Eileina Just a short note to say thanks for the CD and to tell you how good I think your 'debut' album is. Excellent, an absolute show stopper!! Where you been hiding girl?? Your voice is first rate. Real torch diva quality. Great song selection. Really love what you did with 'Black Coffee' to name just one. Giving the album lots of airtime. Perfect for my late night jazz show. Good luck with the release. ATB Rob Robinson 'Blue Trane' Valley FM 89.5 Canberra Australia.
- Rob Robinson

Media name: Mark O\'Neill
Company name: 103.7 3WAY-FM
Date: 2005-11-08 09:19:34

Feedback: WOW!!! Can this lady sing? She is hot, she's melt an iceburg. I can't stop listening to it.

- Mark O'Neil

Media name: Dennis Gardner
Company name: Highland FM
Date: 2005-10-07 07:01:06

Feedback: Introducing Eileina Williams . . . it is great to listen to a new voice with fresh interpretations of classic songs and Eileina is holding her own in our adult contemporary programming with a variety of artists and styles such as Linda Eder, Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Lorraine Foster, Natalie merchant, etc. A good album and we like it.

Dennis gardner
- Dennis Gardner

Media name: Les Tarr
Company name: KMFB 92.7 FM / 96.7 FM
Date: 2005-10-06 08:17:11

Feedback: Eileina Williams is a vocialist who puts new meaninful feelings into songs of love that's never been experienced. Introducing... Eileina Williams is a name soon to make it BIG in the world-wide jazz scence. This CD is a must have... a must listen... and a must feel!

- Les Tarr

Media name: Pascal Dorban
Company name: Radio ARA , Luxembourg
Date: 2005-09-11 03:59:34

Eileina Williams has an excellent voice and she certainly knows what jazz is all about , her rendition of some jazz all time favourites is at the same time accurate and vivid . To add to her great voice there are some of the finest West Coast musicians such as bass player Dareck Oles also known to be a great composer. This CD being her first we can certainly be looking forward to other great albums in the future.
- Pascal Dorban

Media name: Scazzola Giovanni Pietro
Company name: Radio Gold Popular Network
Date: 2005-09-15 03:06:33

EILEINA WILLIAMS - Introducing ...
We hear music. We hear voice. We hear time. And we listen tho the life flowing through our history, from mama Africa, to the classics of yesterday and today (JUAN TIZOL, COLE PORTER, GEORGE GERSHWIN), to the class and refinement of a good jazz project. With a fine and precise instrumental trio interlacing the emotion of piano, the heart of drums and the sensation of bass, EILEINA WILLIAM's voice takes a chance for a circular journey from her voice to our ears, to our heart, from our heart to her heart, from her voice to our voice, saying thanks for a warm (sometimes hot) timbre, a personal capability in giving shadings, an interpretation refined and tasty. Thanks for music.
- Giovanni Scazzola

Media name: Conrad Mason
Company name: Upbeat & More
Date: 2005-09-18 09:59:38

Feedback: This young lady has studied the masters of Jazz Vocals Sarah, Billie, Carmen, Ella etc. & has created her own style. I'll be looking out for more music from this lioness of Jazz Vocal. Conrad Mason Upbeat & more live365.com

- Conrad Mason

Media name: Tony Augarde
Company name: BBC
Date: 2005-10-04 08:34:17

Feedback: Eileina Williams is a talented singer, new to me. Track 4 is particularly impressive, with Eileina singing simply with drum accompaniment.

- Tony Augarde,

Media name: Dermot Hussey
Company name: XM Satellite Radio
Date: 2005-10-04 12:27:08

Feedback: Very impressive for a first album

- Dermot Hussey


Debut Jazz CD: "introducing... Eileina Williams"

Available: cdbaby.com/eileinawilliams;
iTunes Music Store;



When Eileina sang at the 2000 Democratic National Convention at the Peterson Museum Los Angeles at which Former President Clinton attended, Joni Mitchell was in the audience. Ms. Mitchell approached the stage from her seat at the back of the room and told Eileina "..you've got a great voice!" what an accolade from one of America's finest. Eileina now sensed it was time to spring into action even though it would be 2 years before she would enter the studio after an absence of 8 years to lay down her first jazz recording.

"I just love to sing! It’s my first passion!” exclaims Eileina who at the age of 3 made her singing debut at church in her hometown of Birmingham, England where her father was and still is the presiding Minister. Eileina sang her first music, Gospel, all through her teens. Later, while working as a legal secretary in London, Eileina started getting calls for session work and was soon singing alongside noted performers such as Randy Crawford and Paul Young. Around that same time, she was recommended to perform at the world famous Xenon nightclub in Piccadilly, London where she quickly became one of the regular showcases.

In 1992, Eileina auditioned for Italian rock sensation ‘Zucchero’ Fornaciari who had spent the prior 12 months searching for a replacement ‘corista’. He had been unsatisfied with what he had found until hearing Eileina improvising with the studio pianist. “Ecco! Bravissima!” Eileina was hired on the spot and embarked on a 6 month European and Italian tour with Zucchero that opened up wonderful opportunities for her in Italy where she resided for 5 years thereafter.

After the tour she kept her “on-call” status with the star, and was soon approached by EMI Italia to record 5 singles, 2 of which went to the Top Ten Italian hit parade.

Eileina Williams (nee Dennis) has been in Southern California since October 1999. Since being here she has performed at many prestigeous events. Debra Messing, of the famed TV show ‘Will & Grace’ personally selected Eileina to provide the entertainment for her wedding in September 2000.

On July 21st 2002, Eileina won the award for ‘Excellence In Jazz Music” as “Jazz Female Vocalist of the Year” in the 2002 Long Beach Jazz Search’. Shortly thereafter she was presented with the award for “Best Jazz Performance of the Year” for 2002, which in turn placed her as one of the acts for the 15th annual Long Beach Jazz Festival 2002.

“I really feel as though as I have come full circle vocally with all the many styles of music I have covered. Though my first love will always be Gospel, my new love is Jazz. I always have a new experience singing America’s greatest art form. For me, Gospel and Jazz evoke the same deep and elevating emotions that cannot be found elsewhere. OK, maybe also in Opera, which I may attempt before I leave this universe.”

Eileina’s debut jazz cd is now available and is receiving welcoming reviews worldwide.

Now booking for 2007/8
[Available for bookings from Duos to Big Band]

Tel: +626.755.1337 or + 626 593.5291
email: diamond_jazzer@yahoo.com

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