Einar Jullum

Einar Jullum

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

Einar Jullum plays the rhythm guitar like a tambourine and sings like a mix of Dylan and Arthur Russell, in his native tongue, and since he recently moved to Montreal, in English too! Playing his catchy tunes and and doing his funny moves on stage, he is joined by Matt LeGroulx (EXPWY) on drums and Christian Richer (Haiduks) on bass.


Einar Jullum is a Norwegian songwriter, singer and musician based in Montreal, Canada, where he plays in his own pop-trio as well as with bands such as EXPWY, Haiduks and Ollie North. A gifted multi-instrumentalist and prolific songwriter, Jullum both records his own lo-fi psych-pop albums (one Norwegian language double album and one English language 20-track album soon to be released on Kinnta Records), and with full band and better sound, such as his psychedelic blues album "Hjerteknuser- og andre blues" also released on Kinnta this year.


Einar Jullum - Hjerteknuser- og andre blues, CD released on Kinnta Records, March 2013.


"Hvordan" from Hobo Cult Records / Kinnta Records (HCR067)
credits from The Lemon Tape, released 23 January 2012.
Frekk Tunge og Stiv Kuling, EP released on CCAPlokal (Stavanger, Norway) 10 september 2009.