Einhorn is Finkle

Einhorn is Finkle


Einhorn is Finkle fuses a colorful combination of electro indie, acoustic singer/songwriter, jazz, blues, and psychedelia space rock, creating a unique and eclectic style, laden with pop melodies.


Jordan, Matt, and Ryan are three visionary explorers set out on a musical adventure.

Einhorn is Finkle is a unique musical endeavor by three finely tuned young gentlemen. Each member is influenced by something new and exciting everyday, although their musical roots are very diverse.

From electronic dance and hip-hop, to classical music and jazz, to acoustic singer/songwriter, to blues and folk, rock, psychedelic space music, the band takes elements from each and turns it into their own wonderful sound.

Music only goes so far when it comes to a band. Not only are Jordan, Ryan, and Matt deep and diverse musicians, they are also entertainers.

They connect the audience to their music and themselves through their natural personalities.

Live performances are laced with long musical improvisations, allowing fans to let go and feel free.

When the audience leaves an Einhorn is Finkle show, not only do they feel like they have to recover from having their minds blown by the bands powerful and irresistible music, they also feel like they made three new friends.


My Life, The Joke -EP
Hammock Havoc Chaos - LP

- Einhorn is Finkle is a part of Supercuts Rock The Cut Artist Ambassador Program:

(We can't believe they posted the bio we wrote for them on their site)

- Take a Left at 12th street and LP Won't Hear This debuted on WCRN 103.9 FM The Real Radio Show on Saturday, April 14th 2012.