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1993 - Aurora Borealis MC
1995 - Leve Vikingånden EP
1996 - Aurora Borealis EP
1996 - Dragons of the North
1997 - Far Far North EP
1998 - Odins Owns Ye All
2000 - Norwegian Native Art
2003 – Blot
2011 – Norrøn



“Beautiful, atmospheric and epic“. Viking metal with a dark mystical flavour of their Norwegian, heathen roots. These are terms often associated with Einherjer’s music.
Einherjer has been a one of the very first bands to incorporate Norse Mythology in Metal, and are considered one of the founders of the Viking Metal genre.
Now, with almost 20 years on the battlefield, Einherjer has been a very reliable band in the extreme/Viking Metal scene. Every sound on each record is different, but telling their own story of Norse myths and legends.

The new album “NORRØN” is without a doubt an album which combines the best qualities from all of Einherjer’s previous albums. It’s dark bombastic and aggressive, but still atmospheric, beautiful and melancholic. “NORRØN” has the quality to send you on a musical journey where your present dies and all your senses starts to relive the music. Where you are plunged into a life of forgotten wisdom, beliefs and forces. Where all that was lost and taken has been resurrected. Where you stand steadfast on Norse ground, calling for revenge from your heathen heart.
Gerhard rambles on…“This is an album that has caused much joy and despair in the creative process. I hope and believe all the blood, sweat and hard work reflect and
colour our relentless pursuit of creating something beautiful, original and epic, and at the same time giving you the raw and attacking feeling of the real Viking Metal spirit.”

The history

Einherjer was formed in January 1993 by Frode Glesnes (guitar and vocal) and Gerhard Storesund (drums). With numerous line up changes put behind them, Aksel Herløe joined the ranks in 1999. The band comes from a small town called Haugesund located on the west coast of Norway, placed on heathen historical ground.
Their first demo release “Aurora Borealis” in 1993 and the 7” “Leve Vikingånden” (Necromantic Gallery Prod./Damnation Dist.) in 1995 was well received by the underground scene and both soon gained a cult status. In 1996, Einherjer signed with Napalm Records. The same year the album “Dragons of the North”, who received unbelievable critics al of the North l over the world, was recorded in the now legendary Grieghallen Studio produced by Eirik “Pytten“ Hundvin. They returned to Grieghallen in 1997 to record the mini album “Far Far North”, which today still remains a classic. “Odin Owns Ye All” was the next album in line, and was recorded in Los Angered Recording, Gothenburg, Sweden, produced by Andy LaRocque. This album was released by Century Media in 1998. With this surprising and somewhat unlikely release, Einherjer would also attract a bigger and more divers audience than ever. The same month the album was released, Einherjer left for their first European tour as support for one of the England’s leading black Metal bands, Cradle of Filth. The tour lasted five weeks, invading 11 countries. Einherjer’s most raw and aggressive album to date, “Norwegian Native Art”, was also recorded in Andy LaRocque’s studio, Los Angered Recordings in 1999. This album was released through Einherjer’s own label “Native North Records”. Einherjer would
again embark on a new tour throughout Europe as support for legendary King Diamond. Einherjer went directly overseas to their first US appearance at Metal
Meltdown III. This was a huge success, and they were invited back to the Milwaukee Metal Fest.
“Blot”, Einherjer’s most grandiose and technical album was released by Tabu Recordings in 2003. This was a self produced album, mixed by Børge Finstad in Top
Room Studio, and quickly became one of Einherjer’s biggest achievements in their career. This led to Einherjer to headline the “Scream Magazine Metal Tour 2003”
After 11 years Einherjer decided to split up, and out from the ashes, Battered; a new thrash metal onslaught would arise.

The Second Coming

In 2008, Einherjer announced their reunion to do some selected shows across Europe in 2009. Amongst them Ragnarök Festival (Germany), Kaltenbach Open Air
(Austria) and Wacken Open Air (Germany). In December 2010, Indie Recordings proudly announced the signing of Einherjer, and the release of their comeback album in September 2011. Einherjer performed a showcase set at the Indie Recordings label night during the Inferno Festival 2011, followed by their first fullblown Einherjer concert in Norway at Karmøygeddon Metal Festival in May 2011, which were both performances worth remembrance. This gave the audience a taste of what to come, and a good reason to
look forward to the new album.