Eisenhauer's songs reach beyond the ears, and tug out the vulnerability of the listener. Encouraging people to be honest and real in their humanity, while calling out the deepest parts of the soul. The songs are emphatic and compelling and convey a deep sense of yearning.


Eisenhauer formed 2 years ago to give body to the skeleton of 9 songs that front man Jeremy Eisenhauer had written. They recorded the album 'To Those Impressed' (released June, 2006) over the span of about a year and a half. Perfecting every swell of energy and crafting every detail of the songs, the album is a compelling and emphatic collection.
The young band toured western Canada for July and August of 2006, (playing over 35 shows in 8 weeks), doing nothing but stepping up to the plate and singing their hearts out.
Although being on the road for two months, under the hot sun of cities like Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver and many more, it did not tire the band out. Since their return, many new songs have been written, many new shows have been played, and many new fans have been gained.
With more hard work on the way, (touring to Calgary, Edmonton and Camrose in February, as well as booking for a tour from May 18th to August 30th, 2007) Eisenhauer has proven that they will sustain and work hard for as long as they are able.


'TO THOSE IMPRESSED' //Eisenhauer's full length Debut// release June 2006

set to be re-released on Wallow Records in May, 2007

Set List

Set list:
--from the album--
tr. 01- To My Wife
tr. 03- Need to Know
tr. 04- All In a Winter Time Smoke
tr. 05- Hope Somehow
tr. 08- Perfect Position
tr. 09- Of Winnipeg

--unreleased songs--

'Oh America'
'Face Painter'
many more...

check the Eisenhauer myspace @ www.myspace.com/eisenhauermusic