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"Burning Blue"

Hailing from Hokkaido, Japan and now residing in New York, jazz pianist and composerEishin Nose presents his most recent project with “Burning Blue” recorded in 2006, his second album as leader (“Here Now Hear”, 2001 debut). Except for a brief appearance by Take Toriyama playing the frame drum and bells, and Yutaka Uchida on the Djembe on a couple of tracks, “Burning Blue” is essentially a solo performance from Nose laying down exquisite piano chops on ten original compositions.

Much of the music is generally light mid tempo jazz with the exception of the dark piece “When a Dinosaur’s Pissed Off,” where Nose plays hard pounding the keys into submission as if expressing the angry feelings of a monster through a few piano chords.

Nose’s charts are quite fluid and accessible providing a good measure of warmth to the music. This is evident right from the opening track, “I Hope” and flows through the other beautiful ballad-like pieces such as “The Lure” and the title tracks, “Burning Blue, 2005” and the shorter “Burning Blue, 2006”

There’s not much more to analyze here other than to emphasize that what you get with Nose’s “Burning Blue,” is a mesmerizing session of beautiful piano music from by a virtuoso pianist whose finger’s perform a magical dance over the keys resulting in a warm and enchanting recording designed to please one’s softer side. I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more from Eishin Nose in the near future.

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Inside Out Dream(March 1st, 2009)
Eishin Nose(p)
Dave Ambrosio(b)
Satoishi Takeishhi(perc and ds)
Eliot Zigmund(ds)

?Home Sweet Home?(December 17, 2003)
Trio J -yorkers,
Eishin Nose(p)
Yosuke Inoue(b)
Taro Koyama(ds)

Here Now Hear(2001)
Eishin Nose(p)
Yosuke Inoue(b)
Mat Wilson(ds)
Gregorie Maret(hca)

Burning Blue(2006)
Solo piano by Eishin Nose(p)



Eishin NOSE creates contemporary Jazz that combines the elements of East and West. Simple yet complex, and deep yet smooth, inspiring sound with flowing melody. When bass and drams join the sound of Eishin, it grooves with ecstatic energy of rhythm.

Jazz pianist and composer, Eishin Nose, resides in New York. He hails from Hokkaido, Japan and began studying the piano at the tender age of 4. By age ten, he was a mastering the clarinet and playing in Hokkaido, otaru which began years of performance.
At age 19, he was working as a professional pianist.

In 1992, Eishin moved to California to study at Foothill College where he worked as the pianist in the jazz big band.
He eventually joined up the Fun Fair, a jazz vocal group, tour and performed in many jazz festivals.
They were awarded the 18th Annual Down Beat Awards.

To further advance his career as a jazz pianist and composer,
Eishin moved to New York.
He enrolled in Mannes College of Music and later New School where he earned a bachelors degree and BFA. While at Mannes and New School , he studied with Phil Markowiz, Richie Beirach, Jackie Byard and Barry Harris.

Eishin has continued his career in New York City and worked renowned musicians
like James Cammack, Mat Wilson, Greorie Maret,
Eliot Zigmund, Jeff Williams, Joe Morello, Yosuke Inoue, Taro Koyama, Satoishi Takeishi,
Dave Ambrosi, and many others.

First album, Here Now Hear, was released in 2001 featuring Yosuke Inoue on bass, Mat Wilson on drums and Gregorie Maret on harmonica.
One of his compositions from his album was featured on international television programming in US and Europe every days between 2002 and 2004.

Two cd?fs were released by Japanese record company in 2003.
Mitsuko and J-yorkers released Blue Canary from Nippon Crown.
Works arranged and composed by Eishin were performed with Eishin on piano,
and the J-Yorkers which included Mitsuko, Yosuke Inoue, Koya Taro, Satoshi Inoue, Dominick Farinacci and Diron Holloway.
This album was awarded the 95th Annual ?Gold Disc?
as a best album chosen by Japanese jazz magazine called Swing Journal.

The J-Yorkers also released Home Sweet Home in December, 2003 from M&I.

Eishin Nose released new album"INSIDE OUT DREAM"
on March 1st, 2009.
Satoishi Takeishhi(p&vo), Eliot Zigmund(ds),
Dave Ambrosio(b) and Eishin Nose(p)

Beside his work, Eishin also worked as a side men and for other fields.
He had played Rhapsody in Blue with Orchestra in Japan in 2005.
He has collaborated with a fashion show playing free improvisation at TOKYO COLLECTION 2009.