“Eiskristall” wants to express with the music any kind of coldness in society, the world, and above. As symbol and a sign to be recognized the band chose an ice crystal which served also as inspiration for the name.


In spring 2006, singer La Sonnambula decided after a break to get back into the music business and founded the complete new band “Eiskristall”. After a few month and many changes the first basis line-up was complete: La Sonnambula, Florian on rhythm guitar and Timm on lead guitar.
Since October 2007 “Eiskristall” was supported by ex-“Another Tale” drummer Reinhold Heßling but only for a few month… At the same time Florian had to leave the band because of vocational and personal reasons.
In January 2008 “Eiskristall” teamed up with the musicians of “Subcutaneous”, a metal band from Cologne and the first complete line-up was born. But after the first concerts this relationship was brought to an end because of personal problems in the band. Since then “Eiskristall” is going on as a “family” with reliable guest musicians.


Studio Demo Dezember 2007 "Eiskristall" with the songs Divina, Mein Engel, In my forest