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"Pop Matters"

"The album proves Eisley to be masters of melody, strong lyricists, and capable of evoking a whole combination of emotions." - Pop Matters

"Entertainment Weekly Review on Eisley's Album, Combinations"

"... the DePree kids expand their sound- contrasting soaring, Radiohead-aping vocals with big-bottomed prog-rock grooves."

http://www.eisley.com/tourpics/2007Tours/Eisley_ew.JPG - Andy Greenwald, Entertainment Weekly

"Tragic Beauties From Texas Cast A Powerful Spell."

The perfect long blonde hair and picture perfect faces of Eisley's female members may not seem like they belong within these pages, but delve beyond the popstar good looks of this Texas band and all becomes clear. A five-piece family outfit- three girls and two boys, four siblings and one cousin- they play melodic but haunting, beautiful but tainted songs. Two of the members - Sherri and Chauntelle - are romantically tied, respectively, to New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert and Taking Back Sunday's Adam Lazzara. In addition to those two bands, Eisley have also hit the road with Brand New, Hot Hot Heat, and erm, Coldplay. But don't hold the latter against them- live, this quintet are heart-stoppingly, skin-tinglingly incredible.
The girls' voices are as angelic as they are disturbing, pitch perfect- amazingly so, in fact- but their harmonies full of spectral sorrow and a deep-rooted despair. Their songs are much more enticing onstage than they are on record, the girls even more beautiful in the flesh than they are on CD sleeves. They create their own dark, painful world, a lost America whose dusty towns are full of ghosts, lost souls and forgotten dreams, inhabited only by these five doomed beings. The pleading, hurtful desperation of Telescope Eyes in particular is almost too much to take. They may not be loud, but Eisley are utterly tragic and even more mesmerising. - Mischa Pearlman, Kerrang-London, England.

""Lone Star's plaintive pop stars muscle up, but stay lovely.""

There are enough artists who unexpectantly crank the amps to 11 on their sophmore albums to fill a book, and whoever writes it should be sure to include Texas dream-pop ensemble Eisley. The band of brothers and sisters (plus one cousin) have made the guazy shoegazing of 2005's Room Noises a lot noisier, signaling the intent with the jagged riff of opening shanty "Many Funerals" and giving the drummer some volume on the muscular "Invasion" and "A Sight To Behold." What hasn't changed, wisely, are the soaring sibling harmonies and sense of wonder, which are still the best heard in delicate moments- liek the harp-assisted title track and "Come Clean," which suggests Eisley still have enough songs Harriet Wheeler should've written to fill a month of Sundays. - Dan LeRoy, Alternative Press


Laughing City
The Record Collection
May 20, 2003

Marvelous Things
Warner Reprise Records
December 9, 2003

Room Noises
Warner Reprise Records
February 8, 2005

Warner Reprise Records
August 14, 2007



Considered an indie on a major that formed in 1997 in their bedroom after youngest sibling wrote their first song at 8, performed first show in ’98, grow in local coffee house/rock venue, played 100’s of shows as unsigned indie for 4 years (1998 - 2002) in Texas, found and audience in Deep Ellum with Dallas, TX fans where label scouts sent rep’s to see the band live, showcasing in LA/NY, Eisley signed w/ Warner Bros. 2 EP’s + 2 Full Lengths (plus several B-side) later, Eisley’s steady growth and credibility as writers / performers comes from touring. The band’s commitment to their own unique style has given them access to many opportunities such as FM radio, though, single - "Telescope Eyes" charted on Dallas rock radio (102.1 The Edge) as 24th most played song in 2003. Indifferent to industry boundaries / conventions, Eisley continues their expansion to the their own creative style, devotion to song-crafting and a passion for touring.