Either Way

Either Way

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Either Way is dedicated to the movement for social change. More we feel are sound is at times angry and loud, at other times the subliminal melodies mix with the contemplative lyrics to form something vibrant, warm and honest.


Eitherway started at birth. First Dissent fell onto this world with an itch for truth. 5 years later Skeptik plunged to this planet with a means to scratch those itches...

Today Either Way creates conscience hip hop/punk "music," and are trying to bring people together in the name of question, to find the answers humanity is looking for.

Skeptik and Dissent are not just rappers. They are sociologists, philosophers, poets and truthseekers.

its not a matter of conspiracy theories, but a matter of historical fact. Theres is something terribly wrong with the world, and too many people are contributing to it....

Either Way is here to stay, the movement for social change is under way!!


Wake up mix tape

go back to sleep EP(soon)

the radio rarely plays anything with substance.

Set List

set list is flexible, aswell as time...

But for best performance, Time of atleast 40 min. is needed.

Either Way incorporates visual props(movies, clips, live painters, etc,) into the set.