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My music is an experience! I make songs that people all over my city get inspiration from. My band has a amazing live set that blends Raw Rock with Fusion Hip-Hop. We always leave our hearts on the stage and you WILL feel this music more than anything. I am EJAAZ & I am a rising star. Believe it !


EJAAZ is a 19 years young artist who makes music with no genres. A multi-talented kid who makes his own beats + theSSxxx, creates visual art, lyrics, & most everything in between.
A human nonetheless, with an ideal view of music that he feels will harbor in a new generation with a personal and honest sound - coming out of NAPTOWN. The tight jean, patch rocking prophet, is unorthodox in person, but the charming persona balances out the wierdo. Its music with a mission. Music with no fences . EJAAZ the SPAZZ, take a chance & listen.

EJAAZ released his first album , + IDEAL + on August 6th, 2013.
1 month later he has accumulated over 14,000+ listens and over 1,000+ Downloads.


2011 | IDEAL Blender
2012 | HARTNESS (ep)
2012 | Chain of Memories (ep)
2013 | + IDEAL + (album)

Most Popular Single | +L.Y.D.O.B.V.+
No radio play , but have been talked about on the Radio.

Set List

30 min set or 1hour set with band available with various songs .
30min+ set available for DJ Set only .