Imagine the sound of peace that comes after destruction. The music is Rock/Alternative blended with RnB, Funk and Soul and showcasing colourful vocals with an explosive strength and a great range. His live show can best be described as poignant.


Ejune - Lead Vocal/Guitar/Key

Imagine the sound of peace that comes after destruction.
Some have described his voice as the timber of George Michael mixed with the emotion and pain of Jeff Buckley. The music is Rock/Alternative blended with RnB, Funk and Soul and showcasing colourful vocals with an explosive strength and a great range. Each song has a melodic quality with a definite edge. His live show can best be described as poignant.

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Ejune (pronounced E - June) began his musical journey writing, recording and producing a self-titled album with the recording company Sound Korea. From that album, two singles received heavy airplay and Ejune filmed two videos. Ejune performed for national television audiences and at large concerts. Ejune showcases his musical ability by laying the tracks for most instruments on his EP. His eclectic influences help him create a sound that is distinctly Ejune.

In 1999 Ejune moved to Canada and settled in Toronto. Due to his hardworking nature and entrepreneurial spirit, Ejune quickly started writing and producing music in his home studio and working with other artists and musicians on various projects. He produced music used on a UNICEF video that featured actors from a popular Canadian television program.
Over the past year, Ejune has also appeared on TV drama, commercials and music videos as an actor, but mainly exploded with music that highlights his musical influences of past and present and will show the world the future.

Robin Dworak - Bass/Vocal

Robin has a high energy, in your face, performance style created in part from his early influences, Jaco Pastorius and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Like the shark tattooed on his forearm, Robin’s bass is constantly hunting for the right moment to attack. He’s played with bands, Hammerthumb, Kiss Tribute Band and RTZ. Robin’s desire to learn how to eat with chopsticks let him to Ejune and the music kept him there.

Todd Guindon - Guitar/Vocal

Todd started his musical journey on the drums, but took a detour when he picked up a guitar for the first time and this detour ultimately let him to Ejune. With musical influences such as Pink Floyd, Todd showcases a heavy contemporary style in his performance. Todd has played with Ontario bands Swift Kick and Accentus. Todd, recently, joined Ejune and moved to Toronto to be closer to the band.

Victor Carreiro Drum

Victor’s passion for music is evident in his drumming style influenced by the music of Led Zeppelin and Stone Temple Pilots. Victor has played for other Toronto bands including Ten Hundred. But most recently, decided to try more serious approach to music and joined Ejune.
His talent and hard hitting performance is a good complement to the band.


Pick A Night

Written By: ejune

Run away with me before it’s too late
I’ll put a smile on your face
You know the love we’ll share will be great
We deserve a better embrace

I would be a cool breeze on a warm summer night
You’d be a tree in the breeze
Whatever we wanna do is right
We’ll pick a night for the ride and be at ease

Maybe we can drive to the sea
It’s going to be just you and me
Feeling your body next to mine down by the sea
Let’s keep on being free

Doesn’t matter where we go
No matter what we do
There’s something I want you to know
It’s only you like the sun’s ray
It’s got to be you that makes my day

The Scent Of Home

Written By: ejune

When the unspoken are the tongues, the night is odd
And the ominous moment from the wrath of god

Caress the burning heart aching for you
And the feverish brew that burns only in your arms
I’m buried in the couch and the air is dead
Pain to love and peace to perish would do me no harm

Come back to where you belong
You're the scent of my home
Where you are is too far and wrong
One more step closer to our home that breathes
Love and the future of our own

You're made for me and I'm addicted to you
Why can't you understand it wasn't what I meant to do
I had to walk away from you to save what you've built
Didn't let you kiss me 'cause you couldn't free the guilt

Come home, come home
Your absence is too much to continue
Don't you know your bring the home to me
My home's found in you

Your Eyes

Written By: ejune

My love is a tree that never loses a leaf
But when it changes the color, it’s beyond grief
Why do I still love you with my broken heart
We should be together and never be apart

Free from the past
Free from what will last
Should’ve never let you go
But it’s time to let you know

When I looked into your eyes
I should’ve never believed your lies
Everything is not like before
I can’t take it anymore
I know it’s never going to be the same
I feel into your stupid game
But everything will be all right
Although the day’s without light

Fill me with the layers of secret and show me the scars of memories too
Please let me in, ‘cause I can’t breath with you
No one else and nothing can compare to when you told me you love me too
You were perfect so was the love we shared


coming soon

Set List

The number of songs : 9 original and 1 cover
Duration : 40 min - 50 min

1. Pick A Night
2. The Scent Of Home
3. The Kiss Of The Saint
4. Let Love Be Free
5. Amnesia
6. Authorized Infringement
7. To The Last
8. Your Eyes
9. Vice Versa
10. The Show Must Go On