Everything started in 2001 when we were just kids trying to have some fun by making music, inspired by metal bands we tryied to create an original sound by mixing two guitars, a drummer, bassplayer and two vocals, after changing the line up several times we ended with Davidz and Kubrick on vocals, Lopes and Torres on the guitars, Basket on the bass and Gavin on the drums, we had finally decided our line up for the band that we called DropDead. We came up with some original tracks and started performing live, after some gigs our friend basket left the band and we lost our bassplayer. Later, we thought it was time to stop thinking about gigs and start working on new tracks, so we recorded our first demo tape that included 4 tracks. We didnĀ“t had a lot of feedback for the demo tape so the band started fading away, untill it was gone. 2 years later we came up with new influencies and new ideas, we got together again in a new project called EKIDNA. EKIDNA is based on progressive metalcore bringing the same soul and power has DropDead.


2004 Demo Tape "DropDead"