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The best kept secret in music


Press release:

Marcy Morman & EKKLESIA are back with a strong showing with 2 promo singles from the upcoming project, "My Secret Place" to be released in the fall of 2005.

"You Are" ... brings you into intimate worship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. It' lets the listener know that God has called you for a purpose and that He is everything that you wil ever need. God is our Provider, Protector, and our Peace. Lord God ... 'YOU ARE'

Bonus track - 'AMERICA'
With the memories of 9-11/2001 forever etched in our minds, 'EKKLESIA' comes with a Godly inspired "NEW" national anthem for AMERICA to shake the consciousness of this nation. With it's neo/jazzy feel that will have your head boppin, AMERICA reminds us that God doesn't need to bless America ... He already has ... BUT AMERICA NEEDS TO BLESS GOD!
- Barry A. Morman

I am always impressed when a group recognizes their strengths and chooses to focus on those. That is just the case here. Ekklesia makes a strong showing with this project, All For Love. Their strength seems to be with ballad, ministry driven songs. And so, rather than trying to tickle my senses with upbeat rants full of riffs and hollers, they have chosen to preesent some quality music.

I can tell from listening to this project that Ekklesia is certainly a pleasure to listen to in a live setting. Their music well thought out and not overpowering. Just some straightforward ministry. Most of the music is written and lead by Marcy Fickens Morman. Her deep contralto lends a sure direction to each offering. Fitting snugly into each empty pocket. Marcy's presentation allows you to truly understand and feel each track.

The CD starts off with the mellow but funky, Rescue Me, this song mixes elements from the "CHIPS" theme song and funky 80's bassline. Place on top of that a message of hope and trust and you have a recipe for real gospel flava. They follow that up with the vertically pointed "Its All About You". Other songs of note include:Dwelling Place, Raise The Standard, and my personal favorite, Song Of Triumph.

This CD gets stronger as it goes along. So, if I had to pick out growth areas, I would say that I would placed the songs in a different order. I believe that placing the stronger material up front would given the cd and entirely different vibe. But then again this is an independent project, and one that far exceeds many!! This one is definitely worthy of your collection. Keep an ear out for the name EKKLESIA!!

Robert Kennedy III, CEO

- Robert Kennedy III/Kay3music.com

"Samantha speaks with Marcy Morman & EKKLESIA"

Samantha: Who is EKKLESIA?
EKKLESIA: EKKLESIA is greek for "The Church/The Called Out Ones". We are a group of people who like to give God praise and have been called out to help build the Body of Christ through the anointed and spirited blend of voices and music that has been given to us. We all all unique individuals with specific wants and desires at heart. The one thing we share is a love for Jesus Christ and his creation.

Samantha: "Since the album release, what has the group been up to?"
EKKLESIA: Since the CD release in August 2003,EKKLESIA has been a great work! Our accomplishments to date follow:
.Runners up for a regional competition sponsored by Family Christian Book Stores and DayWind records. The compettition was held in Winston-Salem, N.C.
.Two live radio with WWGB in Prince Georges County, Maryland.
.One telephonic interview with station WWJS in Harve De Grace, Maryland.
.Song entitled, A Praiser, was selected for second place in a national gospel contest sponsered by Tyscot Records.
.Headliners at "PRAISE IN DA PARK" (Lee District Park) in Alexandria, VA.
.Performed for a number of local churches and at several Marriott hotels in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.
.Upcoming events include taping for "Glorify His Name" cable television show, Channel 76 in Prince George's County, Maryland, and representation at a Community Day sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta.

Samantha:"When was the group formed and what is it's purpose?
EKKLESIA: EKKLESIA was formed in 2001. It's purpose is to make a joyful and harmonious sound unto God to be shared with others that they may reflect on thier lives and develop and/or make right their relationship with Jesus Christ. Simply put, our purpose is to do our part to build the body of Christ!

Samantha:"What does music ministry mean to EKKLESIA?"
EKKLESIA: Music ministry to EKKLESIA means life! Music is universal, and anointed music has yet another meaning; it is music that will touch and tenderize a heart and allow it to want to know Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Samantha:"Is this CD geared towards a specific audience?"
EKKLESIA: No! The CD has a little flava to suit everyone!

Samantha:"How would EKKLESIA's style of music be defined?"
EKKLESIA: We define EKKLESIA's music as Harmonic Urban Praise! Something that will cause a head to bop, feet to pat, hands to clap, bodies to swing, and minds to be transformed! In Ya Ear!, thanks for this opportunity! We don't take it lightly that you chose us to be included in your magazine. it is our prayer that your magazine will reach the world as you continue to be a blessing to other artist like EKKLESIA! You Are The Tabernacle!

- Samantha Price/ IN YA EAR! Magazine

EKKLESIA is features in a live interview with H.J. Ellison of Gospel-Spotlight and the cd gets airplay on "PraiseParty" syndicated radio program. - gospel-spotlight

EKKLESIA has National distribution in Canada and on-line sales with Phoenix 5 Ltd.

website: www.phx5.com - B. Morman

Check out the review for 'EKKLESIA' on Gospelcrib.8m.com for the month of June. - B. Morman


Our first project, a 12-song CD, was independenly released in August 2003, titled "All for Love". The CD boast such tunes as Rescue Me, Song of Triumph, It's All About You, All for Love, and more that were all written by Marcy F. Morman. Our CD can heard through sound bites on www.cdbaby.com/EKKLESIA, Kay3music.com, ENsoundradio.com; and on radio stations WWGB-Power 1030 in Prince George's County Maryland, and WWJS in Harford County Maryland.

Also,the group is now being nationally distributed in Canada through Pheonix 5 Ltd. and on their website; www.phx5.com

EKKLESIA is back with 2 promo singles from their upcoming project, "My Secret Place", that will be released in the fall of 2005. We believe this will be one of the best independent projects of 2005/2006...


Feeling a bit camera shy


EKKLESIA is Greek for "the church" or "the called out ones". In the fall of 2000, God allowed us to come together, sharing our personal testimonies and experiences--knowing that collectively we had something to share with the world. We are a crew of kindred spirits--each of us is the tabernacle (dwelling place of Jesus Christ) who have been called out to show forth the praises of Him (Jesus) who has sent us! We are influenced first and foremost by the Word of God, our Pastors who guide us in God's word, and the exemplary life of Jesus Christ. What sets us apart is the fact that we are a real example of the "passing of the mantle" (the transferable anointing) an earlier vision that we are now living! It's a testimony that you must hear!