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"Journey" Gershon Bradley first original album release contains 13 original well put together songs. Available at F.Y.E Music Store, iTunes,,, amazonmp3. Napster, e-music, groupieTunes, and many independent stores in the US and Europe. His New Single "She Role Plays" was released May, 2008.
Gershon and Claudia Pellegrini form a group called EKLECSIS. This summer 2008, they released 5 new songs "Burn The Disco," "Gotta Get it," "Heat," "Small Talk," "She Role Plays."



Gershon Bradley clearly remembers the first time he was touched by music. He was only 3 years old when he heard "Chiquitita" by Abba on the radio. Crying aloud he asked his Aunt Brenda to play the song over and over again, not understanding what radio was. He started singing in primary school during class breaks with his lifetime friend and sometimes co-writer Luis Lagos. As a young boy he sang in school shows and became known in his home town as a young Pavarotti because of his extreme vocal range and natural vocal control. One of his biggest influences as a child was Michael Jackson's song "Ben" which he sang constantly. Gershon liked to sing MENUDO's songs but only when his young friends weren't around so they wouldn't tease him about liking Menudo's music. In his early teens, he started showing a great interest for more adult music, developing an appreciation for music of all kinds. His passion for romantic ballads developed so intently that he became very interested in world music in different languages. “Since day one, I have admired "LUIS MIGUEL". He has been one of the biggest music influences in my life". Another mayor influence was the great Pavarotti, even though OPERA was not Gershon's favorite music style. "I always love the way Pavarotti interprets a song. He makes me feel and understand the meaning of music because he sings a universal language. When he sings, it comes from his heart; I don't hear Italian lyrics, I hear his heart and soul telling me a story, and I admire that”. says Gershon. After Gershon's voice dropped at about age 14, he lost his motivation to become a singer and gave up his singing aspirations. He became more interested in his education. At age 17, he was approached by a drummer of a Christian rock group looking for a lead singer with a versatile range. Gershon decided to give a try. The group had one small successful concert but that was the end of that. In his early 20s, Gershon attended Nassau Community college, Long Island NY where he received a degree in Liberal Arts and Science. He then attended Queens College in NY for more advanced studies. Since the age of 17, Gershon has been interested in fitness as a result he became a personal trainer. After many years, he gave up his fitness instructor career and started working as an OR Rep. "I am a very active person and being seated in front of a computer for so many hours drives me crazy. I want my life to be in music".

Then in 2004 the flickering flame for music within Gershon began burn anew. He realized the need to feed the flame within him. In an instant, he developed a plan. He went to a local music store and bought his first home recording console. It seemed from that point on everything fell into place. "I always thought music recording, engineering and labels were unreachable but I had been so wrong all my life about that" With his usual intense passion Gershon began studying everything he could find about sound recording, music industry and everything related topics. Within few months, he recorded on his own his first CD titled "Influences". It consisted in 14 cover songs originally sung by artist who have influenced him singing. "The idea of my CD “INFLUENCES” was to show my close friends and family (who didn't know I sang at all) my hidden singing talent and to invite constructive criticism”. He couldn't believe how impressed everybody was. His small idea became bigger and bigger everyday. After a few months, Gershon started to record more cover songs. People rightly encouraged him to sing these songs in his own style. Inevitably, Gershon's passion for music led him to write original songs. Gershon says, "I never thought I could write songs but I tried and it was fascinating". At this time Gershon was recording his own original songs with a local producer/arranger. However Gershon’s creative contributions and thoughts on music style weren't appreciated or accepted. As a result, Gershon again venture out on his own buying and studying related books and magazines, and attending independent music conferences while developing his sound recording skills. He also completed an intense sound recording course in NYC earning a sound recording diploma. Partnering with his number one fan Helen Gershon's passion for sound recording and music led him to start a major sound recording studio in Philadelphia, Of Helen Gershon says; "Helen is one of my major life inspirations. I thank God for putting such a wonderful human being in my life. She strongly believes in me 100% and she has given her life for my music success". In a relative short time, Gershon has taken his Sound Engineering skills to a professional level. He continues to study Sound Engineering through CD tutorials, books, magazines, and music websites. In 2005, he met a wonderful partner in music, Claudia Pellegrini, MM: producer, singer, songwriter, and violinist. "God sent Claudia into my life". Gershon calls Claudia a “Musical Genius”. Claudia