Combining a pleasantly intoxicating mellowness with big guitars and thumping beats


Beginning as 3 college roommates and a little brother, Ekoflo began writing and composing original music upon their inception. Having no preconceived notions of what to do, or how to do it, the group simply began. Now three years later, this simple fact has become the strong point of the band, lending its hand to a sometimes schizophrenic sound, but always retaining the qualities that compose the group.

In the summer of 2004, Ekoflo entered Pachyderm Studios, where both Nirvana and Live recorded their respective platinum albums “In Eutero” and “Throwing Copper”. The group emerged with their debut EP “Mojave Aster”, immediately receiving notice from the music community, earning the following opportunities and honors:

*Being selected to showcase their music at the New York International Music Festival, taking home the Top Artist Award Honors among a pool of international talent.

*Alternative Addiction (www.alternativeaddiction.com) selected Ekoflo to their coveted “Top 10 Unsigned” bands in the nation, peeking as high as #6 with the hit “C’est la vie”.

*Recording a new version of the Third Eye Blind song “London”, to be released by Latham Records as a tribute to the platinum selling group.

Now, after two hard years of busting their musical chops, playing gigs across the Twin Cities, Midwest, and traveling as far as Florida, the group has made a name for themselves. In late 2005, the group again entered the studio for their first full-length release entitled “To Be A Matador”.

This album marks a very large change in sound, with a mix of songs ranging from the heavy straight ahead rock sound of the title track, to the delayed guitars, thumping beats and laid back vocals featured on "Missing in Atlantis".

*The song “Piloting Dark Skies” will be featured on X-Box, Play Station 2, and PC, serving as the opening track to “Pro Bass Fishing 2006”.

Ekoflo includes: Justin Steen, Kyle Steen, Peter Aslanidis, Tom Zimborski, and Eric Heggerness.


"To Be A Matador" 2006
"Mojave Aster" 2005

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