The music is fun and pleasurable. We enjoy getting together jammin' and writing songs. Nothing like rockin' out with the band.


We have a wide range of influences that fit into many categories of music. Oldies, Country, Blues, Rock and Metal.

Dave began playing trumpet in high school band. He ultimately became lead vocal for bands playing metal and hard core punk. Today, he continues his musical journey playing bass/lead vocal for a classic rock cover band as well as writing songs.

Terry has played drums during his high school years. He has played precussion for a symphony orchestra and various classic rock cover bands. To date he is involved working with original artist.

Bob has played in metal and classic rock bands.

Dave and Bob have played in bands together through out their musical journey. They recently got together with Terry for recording songs.

New life has entered EKWE (eekwa). We are currently recording and planning dates to get the music out to the masses.

Set List

Dave is presently working for the band FlaskKat.
He can be checked out here:

Check out Terry: