Austin, Texas, USA
SoloHip HopA Capella

With lyrics focusing on witty intellectualism and young fun and intelligent perspective, EkWhoa makes tracks that get the point across, without sacrificing his flow. Lyrics laden with figurative language are par for the course. Sounds good at first listen, mind blowing upon in depth analysis.


EkWhoa's breadth of experience between cultures has had a lasting influence on his music and his ability to translate complex thoughts into ideas others can relate to. In the same way he is able to stand as a bridge between two cultures, his music is able to make a strong connection with his fans, his lyrics being the language of communication. EkWhoa's music is defined with air, of young, fun, intellectualism, that permeates and encompasses all of the music he releases.


READY - (Mixtape) Coming March 2012
#OTAW - One Track a Week (Weekly Series) 2011
4 Lobes 4 Chambers 4 Love or 4 Lorn (Mixtape) 2011
Polytrix 3(Mixtape) 2010
Polytrix 2(Mixtape) 2010
Polytrix 1 (Mixtape) 2010
Hard Life (Single) (Radio)
Penitentiary (Single)

Set List

Varies based on gig location, performance time, and overall theme of specific performance. Several tracks will be swapped in and out based on how the performance is going, the audience reactions also play a factor.


Popular Demand
Hard Life
Moonlight Melody
Gin and Liquor

W/ The Intelligents:

Popular Demand
Many Flows
Hip Hop resurrected
Crazy Chicks
We took Over