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Single released May 24th through Urban Influence UK Ltd, Distributed through RTD/Universal.

It’s the year 2010. Hip-hop’s cultural diaspora has cicrulated the globe, and for the last few years, has once again shored itself up in London, the music, fashion and culture capital of the world. Set in the ever-changing urban landscape of London’s East End, a musical movement has been brewing from the ground up – a grass roots ethic that gives young, hopeful artists a chance to express themselves, - and it’s this fruitful breeding ground that has spawned it’s latest statesman, E.L
Coming from the same location as then now world famous ikes of Wiley, Dizzee and N-dubz, E.L Aka Pteezy and T, are here to add flavour, life and soul into a homegrown melding of sound. Their beats, bars and flows are born from an eclectic love of music – R’n’b, soul, hip hop and accessible pop rhtyhms – made into a solid and upfront slice of UK culture away from the limelight and the trappings of fame.
As a family oriented man, Pteezys accessible lyrics are suitable for all ages - as he plainly states “ I don’t do it for the kids, I do it for the folks”. His strenghts lie in his ability to be able to verbally communicate with all ages and races through his lyrics, following his own path away from the crowd. T is the myseterious production force in the group, choosing to communicate from the through a series of flows and bomb-heavy backroom beats - T is constantly updating his creativity in his writing and composition. His many influences include the late greats such as Micheal Jackson, James Brown and Barry White , combined with Pteezys more street-bound sounds such Mos Def, Ludacris, N-Dubz and local luminaries Boy Better Know. With his dedication and outstanding creativity, T has fast created a buzz of his own seperate from the group, that perfectly compliments Pteezy’s lyrical flow and laid back approach to the chaos of modern life.
Fat beats laced with a tinge of hope and sunshine, and forthright, straight talking lyrics make up the DNA of Throw It Back, the duo’s debut single. Affiliated with the revered ‘Gorrilaz In The Lab Ent’ crew, these homegrown hero’s are no stranger to hard graft and work, with nearly ten years experience in the game – ten years of rhyme, bass and flowing bars, that offer the lyrical backdrop to their tales of life on the mean streets of the east end. Its all wrapped into this no-frills club banger that retains an easy going sense of humour – as Pteezy says ‘Im strictly about the jokes / I’m different man / Im not like regular blokes’.
With this cultural movement now entering the musical conscious of the masses, and following in the footsteps of their peers, E.L’s mix of accessible music and roots-grounded authenticity will surely help the the duo break out to new territories as they follow their own, unique path. The future looks bright for these hard working, local heroes.
For a more in-depth view of the duo’s style, check the ‘Throw It Back’ (Behind The Scenes) video

For more information, press shots and Interview requests, please Joe Gamp on 07871031755 or joegamp@hotmail.com . For management and bookings, please contact Julianwhite@urban-influence.co.uk or call 07703729953