EL84 – Is our name... chosen to honor the Power Amp Tube. And like the Tube, our band displays screaming energy and boosts it's power with heat, to magnify our emotions within....


EL84 is an all-original Progressive Rock band based in Oakland California.

Since first joining together in January 2004, our show has become a smooth flowing experience and each performance proves and develops our professionalism.
We are now pleased to be working with our new Bassist – Bill Doss. He has brought tremendous energy to the music and we have been preparing for recording studio sessions with him.

EL84 is the result of many years of experience within each member. Our collective goals in music are simply to rock with as much energy and emotion as we possibly can.
Our influences span many different styles of music. But it would be safe to say you will hear touches of Van Halen, Journey, Rush and Joe Satriani…

We do expect to continue creating new material and explore other sounds and techniques, but the bottom line is that we will Rock hard no matter what!


One World - Demo EP - April 2005

Set List

Set list is between 1-2 hours of all original music from heavy rock to blues.