El 8vo Dia

El 8vo Dia


Heavy and melodic guitar riffage along with outworldly lyrics as if Smashing Pumpkins had crossed with Depeche Mode.


"And on the Eighth Day civilization appeared"; this is the idea that lurks behind the band's authentic and original name. The music of El Octavo Dia makes its way through noisy life as a means to captivate the sentimental gut of the individual. Art Rock, Melodic, Industrial, Post-Grunge, Power-Pop, call it what you may, but one thing is for sureÉ this music rocks and for better or worse, it will grab your attention. The sound of this Puerto Rican-based Rock band has often been difficult to categorize, as quoted by Tamara Turner from the infamous indie online record store, CDBaby.com: "Étheir music still falls between genres, bringing to mind acts like Smashing Pumpkins, early U2 and Nine Inch NailsÉ" The band is currently in the studio working on their second yet-to-be-titled release. The first release, an EP comprised of five songs, was very well received amongst the rock-loving community, and those who have heard the music and seen the band live have made clear that this is something worth keeping an eye open for. Live shows, media, a promotional video for the first single "Nocion", and all sorts of activities are on the way as part of the promotion efforts for this First full length release. The story of El Octavo Dia goes back to the year 2003, when Daniel Gonzalez (Vox/Guitars) and Karlo Ramos (Bass/Programming) decided they wanted to start a musical project that was new and would surpass all the other projects they'd previously been part of. They immediately got together and started to write music, while simultaneously looking for musicians to complete the line-up. It was then when Pedro Cruz was recruited on the lead guitar duties, a somewhat natural choice given the longtime friendship with Danny and their previous experience with past projects they'd worked together on. Shortly after, Pedro recruited Kelvin into the band. Because of their also longtime friendship and the talent they'd seen him display on his previous musical Projects, the addition of Kelvin to the band proved that the search for musicians was over. The band is getting ready to embark on a journey to accomplish what most people only dream about: doing what you love for a living. They are ready for the challenge of touching the deepest emotional core of the fans with the weapon that they know best, Music. In a fast changing industry, where good music rarely or never gets the exposure it deserves, El Octavo Dia looks up from their abode underground, weapon in hand, waiting for the right time to strike. And the time is approachingÉ The band's first album is coming soon, and they are hard at work in making sure everything is just right in order to deliver a Rock album worthy of carrying the name of "El Octavo Dia". As Tamara Turner states on her review: "These aren't songs built from surface level emotions, the disposable "blip on the radar" type. These are songs rooted strongly in sincere convictions and with a real purpose of rocking the boat of expectations." A Rock Renaissance is on its way mounted on El Octavo Dia.


Self-Titled EP - http://cdbaby.com/cd/eloctavodia Debut Release Released in 2006, this EP marked the starting point of El 8vo Dia's musical journey. Received with great reviews in indie circles this EP made a statement among listeners reminding them that rock in Puerto Rico is still very much alive El 8vo Dia's first release EP is currently available as a digital download through the iTunes online store. Hard copies are sold at CDbaby.com and Hot Topic local stores Singles - "Noci—n" Watch the Music Video - http://www.youtube.com/el8vodia

Set List

Typical 30-45 min set is: 1. American Psycho 2. Nomada 3. Nocion 4. Montura Revolver 5. Cured Division 6. Luma 7. Ruido If we have more time allocated to us, we'll play more.