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Elaine Davidson


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Foxes of Cumberland

Written By: Elaine Davidson

The foxes of Cumberland are really quite smart

Keeping her distance appears after dark

No time for romance it's the thrill of the chase

Don't care for position, pride or disgrace

The red coat she's wearing is only the finest

Blazing with colour, easy to see

Her ways are wily, cunning and smart

Wait just a minute he'll be down on his arse

She goes where she goes,

which way the wind blows

It's a marvellous life

One day he'll see

She'll have her liberty

She'll have her right to this life

The Foxes o f Cumberland love a risk taker

Know what it feels like to take up with risk

She wont give in, fall into bondage

Freedom is something you look for within

Out on the back roads they call her the fox

Her reputation has gone to the dogs

She knows who she is smarter than most

The redheaded beauty who runs like a ghost


The wind at her back, the run of the fells

The crystal clear waters that run through the wells

The snow in the winter that sparkles with light

The stars in the heavens to bid her goodnight