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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


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"Music Review Snippets"


(during a live interview and performance)
Newstalk 106

"...it’s fresh and exciting and it’s about time...."
"....yeah, really is in a league of its own with its refreshing lyrics and superb musical content..."
awarded Album of the year 2001 by

“...the lyrics may well be highly personal and introspective in nature, but on stage, elaine k’s forceful, bluesy delivery and cheeky between song banter marks her out as an instantly intriguing prospect..."
Hot Press

“...elaine k performed a set that was truly incendiary from start to finish....she easily won over the crowd, prompting a prolonged bout of whistling at one point!"
Hot Press

"....considered, sensual, intimate, unafraid to make demands and equally unafraid to give...."
The Sunday Times

"...truly enjoyable, a wonderful experience..."
Sinead O’Connor

"...majestic, exuberant.....kicks ass!.."
RTE Guide

"..a writer who will stop you in your tracks simply by making all else disappear.."
moo records

"...really, very, very tasty..."
Banana Bread Weekly
- Various


You ask your self who the hell is Elaine K well let me tell you , she a musician with a mission.
The mission to bring something new to the music scene with great compositions and a look into her loves and hates. She has managed to put into song everything we tell our- selves about love and hate and its up and the downs. This girl don't mix her words she sings it as she sees it straight to the point and no messing, it's fresh and exciting and its about time.
Every album tells a story and "Yeah, really" is no exception but this one can be hard to swallow it's so true to life it almost knocks you of your feet. The album has some of the best lyrics I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time.
This great fresh voice hits you from the speakers with a smooth vocal line strong but not overpowering, a mix between rock pop and blues. It's clear and for once you will be able to hear and understand every word. "Yeah, really" is in a league of its own with it's refreshing lyrics and superb musical content this girl certainly knows how to play a guitar and can beat it up with the best of them. The back line on this album is outstanding with Bob McDonnell on bass, Paul Byrne on drums and Martin Lynam's superb riffs on electric guitar make this something special .Lets talk about vocals well some people have it and it's good but then there are those with a gift and Elaine K certainly falls into this class, she has a voice of incredible beauty and strength, powerful yet smooth as silk
The CD has 12 tracks of fresh and exciting new compositions written and composed by Elaine. This is one of the few albums I would leave in my car on a permanent basis it's that good. Buy it, see for yourself, it's the best money you will spend on an album for a long time. Well now you know how Elaine K is one of the best sounds to come out of the US for a long time, Yeah, really. - The Editor


The superbly talented Elaine K presents us with a jazz album the likes of which you don't see too many these days.

Her incredible voice works so well with the genre. the songs are beautiful and different from what you'd expect. Her point of view on life and relationships is different from what you hear from other industry people.

A bit of sarcasm, a touch of humor - she's great at expressing what she feels. Elaine K's lyrics certainly go beyond the norm.

An invitation to listen to Elaine K is certainly one you won't want to pass up.
- A-J Charron


1998: Debut Album "yeah, really"
1999: Debut single "Love Moves On"
1999: Debut Music Video "Love Moves On"
2003: Second Album "as is"
2004: Limited Edition Irish Radio only single "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"
2008: Third Album "bare bones"
2008: 'Sex' - music video from the album, 'bare bones'
2009: 'I Hate You Too' - music video from the album, 'bare bones'
2009: 'I'm Sorry' - music video from the album, 'bare bones'



Do you care where she's from? Is it important to know who she listens to? Do you need to know where she went to school?

Here's the deal; elaine k writes like no-one else. There is a sincerity here that can't but touch you. And it's not about loving someone or hating them - it's all the crap that happens in between, the 'stuff' that everyone goes through but for some reason, most don't sing about. But if that wasn't enough - wait until you hear her sing it. She gets inside the song and the songs will definitely get inside of you.

elaine k has released three albums; 'yeah, really', 'as is' and just now, 'bare bones'. Don't take out word for it - listen, it yells for itself.