Elaine Lachica

Elaine Lachica


Alternative Soul meets ethereal electro-acoustic soundscapes meets lush modern indie-pop.


Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Elaine began studying piano, violin and singing at age 3. Growing up with a musician mother, Elaine performed and listened to all genres of music including classical, jazz, and British and American pop music. She counts the Cocteau Twins, Tori Amos, Nick Drake, Radiohead, Cassandra Wilson and Bach as major influences.

While studying classical voice at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, she formed the band ‘Azure’. Azure’s blend of vocal layers upon hypnotic guitar/keyboard atmospherics won them positive press. They performed at colleges and clubs throughout the east coast and received radio airplay. As a soloist at Peabody, Elaine toured Italy, performed opera, premiered music by Peabody composers, collaborated with visual artists from the Maryland Institute of Art for multi-media pieces and was awarded the Woodhead prize for Voice.

A critically acclaimed classical singer, Elaine performs and tours professionally throughout the U.S. Highlights have included the Mostly Mozart Festival at Lincoln Center with the Mark Morris Dance Company and soprano soloist under conductor Andrew Parrott for the New York Collegium. In 2000, Elaine was awarded a Beebe fellowship to study abroad at the Royal College of Music in London. While in London she finished composing her first set of solo songs and in 2002 she produced and recorded her debut CD ‘9’. Self-described as “alternative-soul fused with electro-acoustic soundscapes”, songs from ‘9’ have received international airplay and critical acclaim around the world.

Currently she plays her songs live with New York drummer Ryan Cavan, bassist Rich Chapple, guitarist Andreas Altmann and vocalist Melissa Short. Recently seen at New York’s CB’s 313 Gallery and the Sidewalk Café, the quintet performs with a hypnotic musical chemistry. Elaine has also played solo shows at Acmeunderground, Vibe and Freddy’s as well as the Vault in Baltimore. In 2005, Elaine releases her 2nd LP ‘Apolune’ with Ryan Cavan and Rich Chapple and Elaine on vocals, piano, violin, bass and guitar and synths. Combining her signature multilayered sound with vocal and instrumental arrangements that are more ambitious in scope, ‘Apolune’ showcases a writing style that delivers lush modern indie-pop.



Written By: Elaine Lachica

Your body
the spaces
between us
you know
I fly to you
I fly to you

where the river flows where will you come to…
where the wind blows where will you come to….

And you told me this
when love fixes itself

another winter gone
another love undone

And you told me this
when love fixes itself

Newness breaks
I know
An ocean stored must go
to a place to hold
the winds untold
in the deep


Written By: Elaine Lachica

And in the moments we live
we find each other
One in the same dream
never forever

Roaming House

Written By: Elaine Lachica

The words in unsaid
She keeps in her head
I hear them when I’m sleeping
I know that it is her



'Apolune' LP 2005
'9' LP 2002
'Azure' EP 1997

Samples on Audio Page and

Set List

1. Apolune
2. Sublunary
3. Shrinking Violet
4. Closer
5. Vela
6. The Door
7. Illumina
8. Milk River
9. Diving Reflex
10. Be That Day

approximately 45 minutes