Elaine Stepter

Elaine Stepter

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Classic Vintage R&B with a new school sound and slight jazz sensibility.. The artist will put you in the mind of a female Luther Vandross. Very seasoned, high quality production and songwriting. Excellent hooks and grooves make this a very strong, unique and distinctuve R&B project.


A talented and attractive female vocalist from Los Angeles, CA. Influences include, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, & Natalie Cole, which is where she gets that seasoned vocal. Her uniqueness is her ability to take a song and make it her very own, even when doing cover songs.


1st single: Promises
2nd single: Always Be A Part Of You
3rd single The Sweetness of Your Love
4th single Dim The Lights

Set List

Feel Like Making Love
Living for the Love of You
Ain't Nobody
Sweet Thing
Original composition
Don't Know why