Elana Stone

Elana Stone


With a solid background in Jazz, Elana Stone's new musical direction embraces elements of rock and pop while maintaining her roots in improvisation. Backed by an immaculate band, Elana is convincing, charismatic and funny on and off the stage.


WINNER: BEST JAZZ ARTIST AT THE MUSICOZ AWARDS, 2004 WINNER: NATIONAL JAZZ AWARDS AT WANGARATTA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2005 SEMI-FINALIST: MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL VOCAL COMPETITION A group of friends whose collective talents draw on the rich traditions of soul, jazz and the blues, The Elana Stone Band bring the emotive force of an award winning talented singer/songwriter to an array of classic styles. A professional singer since the age of fourteen, Elana Stone has spent the better part of a decade exploring her considerable range. Immersing herself in the technical base of jazz and soul, her wandering eye soon saw the young singer drawing folk, funk, and modern pop music into her growing repertoire. Stepping outside the confines of jazz, her prodigiously talented group provide an exciting voice for Elanas growing songwriting ability. Their borderless attitude to genre reflects Elanas original music; a singer-songwriters intimacy voiced using a broad and progressive palette. Despite her eclecticism, Elana remains at heart an improviser, and is at home in the live environment. Structures become elastic as each player fully explores the contours of the tune. Elana and her quartet bring a profoundly inclusive energy, warmth and a total lack of self-consciousness to their performances. By turns ecstatic and melancholic, the audience shares Elana and her bands fortunes throughout the night.


'In The Garden of Wild Things' (EP)

Set List

Can do 3 x 45min sets if required.