Elastic Waste

Elastic Waste


Our business is rock, and business is good.


The product of years spent writing and recording demos, playing in various bands that never quite developed to maturity, and many learning experiences both good and bad, Elastic Waste is a band that, unlike many today, manages to surpass the labels and trends of the week. More than just a vehicle to pick up chicks and gain ego-boosting popularity, Elastic Waste are genuine rockers in it for the long-haul. Anyone who says otherwise should look at the two members’ long and grueling resumes. Spanning over eight years and seven bands, they have been knocked down, rejected, disappointed, and laughed at. At the same time, they have achieved a level of spiritual fulfillment in doing what they love and do best: playing music.

Elastic Waste has gone through rock mitosis and is awaiting its matching pair of chromosomes to achieve a fertile rock fetus. After the demise of their greatest achievement of the time, a four piece space rock band named Walter, the three remaining members held it together until the very last thread of rock snapped, at which time, Paul and Ty decided it would be best to focus on the hard rock anthems they knew they were destined to create. Thus the primordial stew later to be known as Elastic Waste was formed one blustery winter night in sub-zero temperatures with 18 inches of fluffy white snow. Stranded in the depths of the Filipek basement with no means of escape, they began to record ideas transmitted to a musical medium. Some ideas were new spontaneous creations, while others had remained, perhaps dormant, but not forgotten, for years, locked inside the complex, winding corridors of which the minds of Elastic Wastes’ members consist. Elastic Waste is not here for fame, fortune, or false glory. Elastic Waste is here for the one mission they were spawned and thrust upon this Earth to complete: perpetuation of the chain of rock which has existed over the years, and sustained and fueled populations of vibrant youth awaiting a new rock revolution.


Elastic Waste (Full Length, Coming Soon)