El Atico

El Atico

 San Salvador, San Salvador, SLV

The best way to describe El Ático's sound is "instrumental-experimental rock", because it basically lets them get away with anything they want to do musically.
Most songs usually include unusual arrangements, odd time signatures, an implicit sense of humor and emotional melodic passages.


El Ático’s first rehearsal took place approximately on August of 2003, in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America.
J.C. (bass), Neto (guitar) and Nelson (drums) were 3 middle-class kids during the civil war which started in the 70’s and ended in 1992.
But as kids usually do, they were able to get their hands on good music by the time they were teenagers and were first influenced by the American music scene in the early 90’s (Metallica, Soundgarden, Tool, Megadeth, Slayer, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, etc.) This is the music that inspired them to learn to play their instruments, and as they grew up they expanded their musical horizons and learned from other genres around the world, including latin music, jazz, progressive rock, classical, etc.

This is where and how they began the experimental journey which has fulfilled them artitiscally more than ever.
El Ático’s musical formula is composed by J.C. Erquicia, Neto Larios and Nelson Maldonado, although they are always open to other musical or artistic collaborations, in El Salvador they have worked with dance and theater companies, and have composed music for documentaries.
Over the years they’ve played practically every venue in the country and the band has gained significant popularity, fans and critics alike know El Ático to be one of the most talked about and respected bands in El Salvador and Central America.
They have also played in important music festivals in Guatemala and Costa Rica, where they have a loyal following.

Recently El Ático released its first full-length album called “Paradoxical Encounters”, with a concert for over 500 people in El Salvador’s National Theater, the oldest theater in Central America and one of the city’s historical monuments.

When trying to define El Ático’s sound, they believe the best way to describe it is “instrumental-experimental rock” , being influenced by practically every music genre and never drawing artistic limits, knowing that the more freedom you give to your creative impulses, the more exciting the result.
The message to their listeners is very simple: Close your eyes, open your mind and let the music tell you a thousand stories.


"Fuga" (single) - 2010
"Encuentros Paradójicos" (Paradoxical Encounters) - 2010