Houston, Texas, USA

Incorporating inflences from around the world, this Houston-native electro-rock septet undoubtedly creates a new genre for the indie music scene. Elbodo redefines "new wave" with their psychedelic twist on the typical song structure. Known for an intense live act, this group conjures a must-see show.


This seven-piece Electro-Rock group is a whirlwind frenzy of Rock, Dubstep, Funk, Reggae, and everything in-between. Hip-hop infused lyrics are combined with a three guitar onslaught and two keyboardists/DJs make for an unforgettable live show. With no single genre to constrain the band, Elbodo is free to soar to unexplored musical heights with a genre they've dubbed "Un-Con" (unconventional music).

With a reputation for an intense live show, Elbodo prides themselves on never playing the same set twice. Having a vast arsenal of original songs to choose from doesn't hurt either. The group has been known to play up to three hours of their home style rock n' roll, while adding a little bit of live electronics from Pastor Prime and Mr. Window as another addition to the already happening dance party.

Elbodo originally formed in 2002 as a punk rock group in Houston, Texas by brothers Brandon Rowan and Doug Rowan, Rickie Redman and second guitarist Brian Bohannon. The band changed their sound in early 2010 with help from bassist Eric Moeller, percussionist Nik Paukert and lead guitarist Andrew Jeffries of the Berklee College of Music. After playing "musical chairs" and switching around on instruments, the band is ready to give their high-energy performance that Houston music lovers have grown accustomed to.


Jahzara (What a mess)

Written By: Elbodo

Hey, girl, can you sing? Cause I'm missing my melody.
And you might have what I need.
But first show me some high fidelity
It sounds good so far.
Please don't prove me wrong.
Mama, may I say you've gone and done it once again.
...got me all twisted up in this.
What a mess.
I got a feelin' I can't lose.
I've got a feeling that you're setting me up for a train wreck.
I ain't believing that that thought ain't crossed your brain yet.
I've got this feeling you wanna push me in front of a train.
So, I'll be leaving before you turn me into a stain.
Can you feel it?
Please don't prove me wrong.
Mama, may I say you've gone and done it once again.
...got me all twisted up in this.
I'm waiting for the key so I can open the gates and let the floods poor over me and was me away.

Bai (Enemy's Eyes)

Written By: Elbodo

Ink apparitions spell out disaster
Syllables strung together, bar none
Will show the escape downwind of the downfall
Scream off the canvas one by one

I don't know what or who does it for you
But I'm sure it won't be me
Because I'm not that easily moved.

Given the chance
Our enemies odds
We will alter, destroy or pull apart
A man who denies to serve himself
Is served by none but will play his part
In delivering desired possessions
To our culture's proven, protected trust
Take this cup with your newest of friends compadre
Have a drink on us

You know that we are the elite of this land
And you can’t get around without shaking my hand
I’ll be damned if you dare assume that this is yours

Listen now
We are the roots that form this foundation's trust
Given the chance you'll only think good of us
We are the saviors that sate this isle's thirsty
Show us an 'in' and embrace yourself.

Knell (Look to the Sea)

Written By: Elbodo

I’m back at the chicken shack.
Been waiting here for weeks, “Where you at?”
Come give it to me.
Got something good for you…

You engineered and told two truths to tame us both in the same breath.
Give me a name or hug the arms of the pavement.
Agreement reached.
The silenced breached is all irrelevant.
Tore down the wall, the fly, the room to get to the elephant.
And then, compelled to vent, sometimes the nicest thing that I can say is nothing.
Let me tell you something now; bet you’ll do the same.
“What can I say? Passive ain’t my kind of aggressive.”
You don’t look impressed.
Guess we all have a game.

And I’ve got no right to speak.
I shut my eyes now to see you.
But was it in the right?

I drew a line in the sand.
Look to the sea;
A memory I do not understand.
“When did the story begin?”
“Where’d the person end?”
Within our ranks.
I guess we all have faiths; some aren’t so pleasant.
But that was then and ‘now or never’ is just a distant memory.
This wasn’t part of the plan.
The business we have chosen; got a mortal enemy.
A cautious stand.
I won’t forgive you for this choice that you have made for me.
No burden of being a man, you’ve gone and made a beast of me.

“Hey ladies, what you talking about?”
Best think before you speak.
“Don’t open your mouth unless you got something good to give to me.”

Hold your tongue: that’s a poor choice of words I’m afraid.
Had your eyes on the greener grass; hand me away.
On foot in the grave, hare-brained ideals let you down.
Here’s a concept that you can get your arms around:

Know that life slows down in the old fast lane.
“Didn’t know how to say no?”
One final refrain
Didn’t know the one thing now that you’ll never know.
The wind that spreads the seed’s the very same one that eventually blows the tree down.

Oh how the mighty fall; leaves me in sweats and fever dreams of a lonely sound.
I won’t forgive you for this choice that you have made for me.
No burden of being a man, you’ve gone a made a beast of me.

Merrily, merrily, merrily floating along for your life’s but a dream.
It’s terribly scary; somnambulance;
Walking and talking as though in a sleep.
We steadily hope that one day the clouds will open up and bring us to a king
But we really ain’t living to right; just been told from the start that belief is the key.

Well believe me;
That there ain’t no end to all of the things that been keeping me awake at night.
And no matter how hard that we try it seems that we must hide in plain view.
Know that I ain’t at fault; just the one who’s been heading it and you know we ain’t the ones who’re upsetting it.
It’s out of my hands now, still I’ll be regretting this new Armageddon.
It all ends with you.
Let lying dogs sleep with the fishes and barrels.
Snakes in the grass flee the scene with cupid’s arrows replaced with more substantial bolts.
Quiver and narrowly fail to escape; the stakes are so heroin.
Feel the fear rise up deep in the marrow of your bones.
You know that your true color’s showing.
Upstream in shit creek: no paddle.
You best get to rowing, but knowing unfortunately is half the battle.
And I’ve got eyes and ears everywhere.
You’ve got a price; everyone’s on a budget.
Between a rock and hard place you know I’ll never be budged.
And it saddens me to say this, but it seems that the word’s legit.
Dying to live by the sword…
And as for the sweet talk; I found it more than just a little endearing.
These walls got ears, true, but you ain’t one for hearings.
Made the dead stop walking and bid you adieu.
Guess we’ve all got a path in which we have to choose
And we can’t regain all of the things that we have to lose.
Still can’t believe that my enemy’s you.
I’ll be strong; hit as heavy as your concrete shoes.

Faye (If You Had To...)

Written By: Elbodo

If you had to run away, where would you seek your refuge?
And if you're running from something that was in your way,
What makes you think that it could catch you?
You see, an obstacle's an optical illusion you use to circumvent a certain situation.
And it's certainly not optional to stop or you'll lose,
If you don't use this important information.
If you think it's the big one,
Time's too unpredictable
Tell you what I think we all should do:
Think outside the box
But you (once trapped in a bubble)
Want nuance (subtle)
With a little bit of reaping what you did not sow.
Making the rules up as you go.
Oh no. That's not the way it goes.
And you should know by now.
Turn from the fire.
Forfeit the flame. Forget denial.
All of your fears will fade.
Just once (I'll ask nicely)
What's your inspiriation?
You could tell me anything, but please, don't think I'm dumb.
You and I both know why you're running
and what you're running from.

Edie (the Missives)

Written By: Elbodo

Irresistible, high-altitude attitude
It's the principle of keeping it cool,
Calm, collected, never affected
(always expected to keep on your best)
And nevertheless when running the test of the "everyday fool".
But you're the type to bark not bite
Already throwing the towel in
That's no way to start the fight.
How you think you're gonna win?
Ok. I get it. Alright. Here we go again.
Puffing on two J's (dynomite)
As if in Napoleon (if it's) Complex
You're high and missing the plot.
Please, don't think I'm dissin' "the pot".
If you would listen, you'd figure it out
But you just got caught pissin in our old pot.
Get your own, then get on our level.
High on His Highness and stomping the Devil.
Touch down on the face of your Earth
To present y'all with some gifts you could use for the future.
Cause whatcha gonna do when your blue skies come crashing down?
Place peace in the hardened heart of the heathens, hypocrites, parasites,
Devils and demons.
I could fall through the sky
And make a "splash" in the Pac. O.
Like I said, "high altitude-attitude"
No parachute on our backs though.
We've got no need for such petty things.
Seen you scheming. Never ever clip these feathered things.
Singing: We are sent missives intended on getting the many confused to the few.


2011 Demo
-Released at the Music Unity Freedom Festival on March 20th
this CD contains 6 tracks:

Tracks are currently streaming on Sonicbids, Facebook.com/elbodomusic, PureVolume, Last.fm, Myspace.com/elbodomuisc, and YouTube.

Set List


Space Monster Soup
Mind Explosion
Hail Rastafari
Ultimate Fighter
Call on Jah