Elbow City

Elbow City

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Elbow City is a hot new group strait out of Lansing, MI made up of 5 main members. Each member brings a unique style and flavor to the group. Elbow City has something for everyone with a mixture of beats and lyrics thats like nothing out there.


BLUNT, IKE DIRTY and BLAHZAY have all known each other for a number of years and did our own individual things in music. ELBOW CITY was originally founded in July of 2004 and consisted of three main members…PRINCE NEV, DOLO and BLAHZAY. At that time we had no studio just 3 minds and a keyboard. Over the next few months we began building a repertoire of tracks as well as accumulating additional members each with his own unique style and presence on the mic. BLUNT brings a rugged and raspy demeanor to the booth while C-SHARP aka REVEREND MAC slides in with that laid back smooth flow. The group grew and so did the studio…It all just started to fall into place. DOLO ended up moving down to Texas but ELBOW CITY kept on the grind.
The hit song ELBOW CITY blazed at number 1 for 3 weeks on Certified Hood Radio with Alli Fox until it was retired and put into a regular rotation. We have also done radio interviews on Power 96.5 FM with Alli Fox as well as on Impact 88.9 FM with DJ Rad One. Other smash hits include LIFE IS HARD, MOM AND POPS, and HOOD BOSS. In conjunction with the radio we also receive air play at numerous night clubs. ELBOW CITY has up coming shows in Lansing at the TEMPLE CLUB, in Ann Arbor, MI at THE PLANET UNIVERSITY, and in Detroit, MI with more to be announced. We are fully independent, and have been recently introduced to the mainstream, and have already created a buzz in the midwest. Look for the album ELBOW CITY “Welcome to the City” on 05/17/05.


Hit Single: "Elbow City" Currently played in light rotation on Power 96.5 WQHH in Lansing, MI

Album: Elbow City- Welcome To The City Volume 1
Available Now at selected stores in the Lansing area as well as online at CDBABY.COM