El Brujo
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El Brujo

Mexico City, The Federal District, Mexico | INDIE

Mexico City, The Federal District, Mexico | INDIE
Band Rock Classic Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"En el Chopo. El Brujo y el Tianguis, en el Vive"

ara continuar con chida complicidad rocanrolera, el Tianguis Cultural del Chopo tendrá nuevamente presencia en el 13 Festival Iberoamericano de Cultura Musical (el Vive Latino, pa’ los cuates). El Chopo llevará merca roquera –playeras, collares, carteles, pantalones, botas, etcétera–, pero, sobre todo, apoyará incondicionalmente la venta y difusión de la primera producción discográfica del sello Chopo Recods: Voodoo rock, realizada por El Brujo, trío que iniciará su gira, Rituales, el sábado 24 de marzo en el escenario Blanco del Foro Sol, a las cuatro de la tarde. Carlos Bolívar, guitarra; Juan Carlos del Río, batería, y Gilberto Galindo en el bajo, mostrarán su propuesta basada en sonidos sicodélicos y progresivos, pero dirigidos al heavy metal contemporáneo. Hoy, el mercado ondero presentará en Radio Chopo el retorno de Genitallica, con el disco Bienvenidos.
- Javier Hernández Chelico, La Jornada Newspaper


Voodoo Rock! Chopo Records 2010

Ojo (Single) 2011



We were placed here right after 9/11 and or assignment was clearly to help in all we could, so here we are ready to unleash the powers of El Brujo. Let yourself be swept into your dreams.
Our first intention was to create a prog-rock group. But soon the expectations led to a freer approach to music. We are swimming in the vast ocean of improvisation, of course, drawing from classical, stoner psychedelia, kraut rock and space. Our intention now is to develop an original style, not to be classified in a genre (which is the main objective of most of the groups), but to create "El Brujo" sound. And beyond this, we hope to learn from the music of our lives, to remember how we used to play as children: to dissolve misleading cultural values and, finally, to let out what's inside. We hope you enjoy the trip.

El Brujo was the first band to produce a record with The Chopo Cultural Market (aka. El Chopo):

The Chopo Cultural Market is the most important street-market devoted to rock culture in Mexico. The market takes place every Saturday all year long, when set up, it occupies several street blocks. This is where people from all ages, social condition or musical taste meet to accomplish quite an aesthetic experience that ranges from exchanging records, buying clothes, watching a photo or painting exposition, listening to old and new bands, or just walking and showing off any special garment . It is not only a simple street market; it’s a whole cultural phenomenon, home of every urban tribe, new or vintage.

Founded in the 1980, it started as a record and magazine exchange market, but quickly grew into a place which represented a growing organization of resistance against government and a status quo determined to vanish al remnants of rock and its derivatives. After 30 years of struggle, EL Chopo is not just a market; it is the Rock Cathedral of Mexico.

In 1995 Radio Chopo was launched, a branch of the organization responsible to provide a live forum for any kind of rock band. There, on the street, where real artistic movements belong; you can listen to anything from punk hardcore, metal, blues, classic, to grunge, dark, indie, ska, reggae, grind, progressive or any other style...

El Chopo is a ceremonial center where sound, scenic, plastic, vanguard, retrospective and performance rituals take place. Every week, hundreds of youngsters of all ages visit the commercial stands and forums which have survived for 30 years with pride and commitment to the cause of this monster, the owner of our souls called ROCK!