El Calife

El Calife

 Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, FRA

Spectacular mediterranean drummer, El Calife mixes acoustic percussions with authentic oriental and energetic soul music samples.


El Calife's story began with a trip on the Mediterranean sea, a father who took the boat and left Algeria... the vinyls that woke him up a bit later had the scents of a country he has not known but that already belonged of his memory.
The South. A burning sun. A provencal breath on his mother's side... the elements added to each other as if to mark the artist's nature : deeply mediterranean.
Drummer by training, the rythms gave El calife the opportunity to connect his east influences with his strong taste for soul music, such as Marvin gaye, Curtis mayfield and among others Barry White...
This results in long peaceful spans characterised by athentic arab tones. A sort of invitation for a mint tea. And when the wind rises, when passions burst out, twisted by filters, an energetic and enchanting electronic pump settles in.
This is what El Calife's music sounds likes, a bit like him, made out of contrasts and elegance.


The album ‘’Orient Flavour’’ will be released soon.