el cartel

el cartel


El Cartel write and perform energetic indie pop that you can dance to. Their songs range from the funky Dirty Disco to the anthemic Flags at Dawn. They're good looking too ;)


el cartel (cartelis erectius) is a species of semi-evolved primates (largely believed to be “the missing link”) which inhabit the lush landscapes of urban Leeds alongside similar species such as Kaiser Chiefs (kaisis chiefius) and The Pigeon Detectives (pigeon detectius).
They can be easily identified due to their various tattoos, brightly coloured clothes and tendency to mark their territory by decorating stages, amplifiers and drum kits with sparkly fairy lights.
It is hard not to be attracted to the call of el cartel. The catchy yet unique sounds of “Dirty Disco” and “The Great Escape” can be easily identified and cannot be easily mimicked my similar species.
The best way to attract el cartel (should you wish to entice them into your back garden) is with the use of bright lights, loud noises, free beer and the promise of a crowd of people who are willing to pay them some attention.


EP - Available on Itunes and Amazon.co.uk as mp3 downloads
Dirty Disco - Recieving radio air play

Set List

2.The Great Escape
3.City Lights
5.Forever Yours
6.I’m Yours
7.A Thousand Thoughts
8.Flags At Dawn
9.Dirty Disco