Elcodrive writes some of the catchiest hooks and most memorable melodies that Boston area music fans have heard in years.


Boston-based Elcodrive is the outcome of four musicians' search for a fulfilling new project. The members -- each enjoying local success in other bands -- believed they had what it took to succeed on the national level. But, they knew they would need to find other musicians of the same caliber to achieve that goal.

Front man Mike Golarz effortlessly belts out some of the catchiest vocal melodies that Boston area music fans have heard in years. Mike's affinity for music styles ranging from heavy metal to jazz are apparent, but his love of rock is evident when listening to his powerful delivery of lyrics drawing from personal experience and reflection on life.

The remainder of the line-up includes Bill Bassett, Mike Courcy, and Tom Smith, who had been courted by labels with their success in Bob's Day Off. WBRU's support of Bob's Day Off spawned a buzz, but unhappy with the direction of the rest of the band, Bill, Mike and Tom went in search of a new path. Tom's versatility and musicianship on both bass and keyboards adds a new dimension to the Elcodrive songs. His musical interaction with his longtime band mate, guitarist Mike Courcy, blends seamlessly to result in extraordinary melodic progressions. Mike Courcy's guitar style and vocal abilities add texture to each song and make him an invaluable part of the group. Ultimately, Bill Bassett's impeccable tempo and sense of rhythm is the glue that holds each arrangement together.



Written By: Mike Golarz

Driving a car, drinking alone
Keeping things all the same
Acting the part, moving along
Showing the wear of years

And you feel the burn
And you feel the sting,
And you’re by my side when I’m faking

Tonight, maybe you’re too bright
And it’s alright, cause tonight maybe I’m sold

Think you’re a star, faded but clear
Tomorrow is sentimental
The traffic is hard, driving along
Going the way of nothing

If there’s someone who’s listening
Open yourself up don’t try and hide your faith
Cause you know what is right, you know what is real
And you’re by my side when I’m faking
Tonight maybe your, too bright , and It’s alright
Even if we never feel the same
Maybe I’m sold


Written By: Mike Golarz

The day has been decided, and the writings on the wall
My name has been invited, you know I’ll feel the fall
I will regress and I will crawl

When you’re running against the grain
Tripping back to the time when it was the same
In my mind it’s the time
Dancing in the rain like children, and we’re throwing it all away
Try to progress and I will fall

It was so far (away from me)
But now it’s here (what ever will be)
I thought this dream would last forever, but it never seemed to start
So I put it all away

Her life has been decided
And the hurt in her eyes is still alive
Her name has been deleted, as she sits with what is here
She has a drink and drops a tear

Do you know what you’re living for?
Cause there’s something inside your head
And everything is just not right
But you decided to just go on
The day has been decided, and the hurt in her eyes is still alive

All this time falls away from me
Keep holding on for this to be my place
This dream can last, but it never seemed to start
So I put it all away, put it all away
And I know what I’m living for
And I decided to just go on!


Debut CD 'Somewhere Between Now and Then' released February 2003