Elder Carol Chisolm

Elder Carol Chisolm


This Chief Musician for The Church Of The Living God International, Inc. , Started singing at her father's Oklahoma City Church at the age of Four. Experience this energetic blend of Contemporary Urban - Gospel , Spinkled with Smooth Jazz and Laced with a bit of Latin.


Born and Raised in Oklahoma City Oklohama, this " Preacher's Kid " Began singing in her father's church at age 4.
After earning 2 college Degrees, and raising 2 wonderful children, with her loving Husband Kim, there was still a great void in her life.
Giving her life and her voice over to the Lord,has granted her great peace nad comfort.It is under this Anointing, that she has been ministering in song for many years.
Elder Carol Chisolm is a much sought after Teacher, Preacher and Conference Speaker. She Co-Pastors with her husband Pastor Kim Chisolm in Florida.


Why I Praise Your Name

Written By: Elder Carol Chisolm

( VERSE 1)

You alone are worthy of all
of my Praise
I vow to give you Glory
for the rest of my days

For your wisdom , love & power
for your Mercy and your Grace
You are the Mighty God
that's why I give you Praise.


I love you Lord, I love you
for your goodness and your care
You're always there to guide me
all of my burdens you will bear.

I see your hand of mercy
and I feel your tender care
You are the Mighty God,
That's why I give you Praise.

( VERSE 3)

Holy, Holy, Holy, the Saints
bow down before thee
we worship and adore your name,
let your Glory fill this place

From the rising of the sun,
to the going down of the same
you are the Mighty God
That's why I give you Praise!

(Repeat 4x)


6/96 - Soloist on " He's Worthy " CD Project. Featuring Bishop Joseph White & Church Of The Living God Inc. Mass Choir " (Independent Release).

09/05 - Debut CD " Let Jesus Fix It For You " - ( 2 Blessed Music Group). Milton T. Williams - Producer.