Elder Statesmen

Elder Statesmen


Take The Beatles, Primus, XTC & Incubus and roll them into a big ball and spit them out, you have the music of Elder Statesmen. Catchy melodies, explosive rhythms, and an original & unique sound follows.


Elder Statesmen are a three piece rock group from Baltimore, MD. and
Philadelphia, PA. (Two of the members live in Baltimore and the other
in Philly.) Having been together for two years, The Statesmen
have released their first album in November of 2006, entitled,
"Exchanging Gifts." They are currently working on their second effort due out at the beginning of 2008. In that short time, they have shared the bill with
Dischord stalwarts Medications and Channels, indie rock darlings Margot
and the Nuclear So and So's and Beggar's Banquet recording artists Film
School. They have played in venues around Philadelphia, Wilmington,
Annapolis and Baltimore and they are slowly making their way up and down
the east coast.
An Elder Statesmen song can be a two and a half minute pop tune,
or a six minute composition with various time changes, mood swings and
grinding halts. They don't have a formula-they do what comes natural.
Noise and dissonant chords often meet captivating, addictive melodies,
backed by a crushing rhythm section, ready to turn the beat around at
any point. The music makes for an explosive and enthralling live
experience that must be seen to be appreciated.



Written By: Elder Statesmen

Kayo, talk show.

First Law of Motion

Written By: Elder Statesmen

Always looking over 4 leaf clovers, we're not sober in this Ocean.

Exchanging Gifts

Written By: Elder Statesmen

We found a sound,
Nothing Profound.
We think it's good enough for us to exchange gifts among Compatriots in Noise!


The Statesmen released their first full length album, 'Exchanging Gifts' in December of 2006.

They continue to write and record. Except a follow-up album sometime next year.

Set List

Our set is an hour at the moment, all original songs.
Mr. Quill
Pave the Way
Single Spark
Exchanging Gifts
Right Lane Changer
Pistol Whip
March of the Captains
Lucky #7
First Law of Motion