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"'American Songwriter' Review"

"Occasionally an album really is good enough to drive your imagination away from the iTunes display and straight to the possibilities of the stage. Straight out of Philly, Baltimore, Maryland...OK, the Eastern Seaboard, Elder Statesman are delivering the kind of relief you just might need to make it through another climate-reductive Summer. Despite bearing traces of a few emo acts we would rather not mention, the Statesman triumph in the tradition of forefathers 'Shudder to Think,' 'Jane's Addiction,' and (oddly) Steely Dan with a shockingly addictive mix of pop melody and explosive performance. Originally concieved as a 4 song EP, "Exchanging Gifts" quickly blossomed into a raunchy opus of free-associative noise (ala 'Pavement') that belies the sugar in it's twisted heart.
Check out 'Mr. Quill,' 'March of the Captains,' & 'Miles Away.' There is serious range here. Let's hope the fellows don't ever again limit themselves to thinking that an EP might actually contain their larger, defiantly stated purpose.

-David Mead
'American Songwriter' - Davis Mead

"Indie Eye Review of 'Exchanging Gifts'"

Elder Statesmen is a trio from Annapolis, Md. and they are you form to you
in the autumn of 2005; in a insufficient year they have attract attention
like a band able to renew sure suggestions tied to rock the mathematician
and the Dischord abrasions style; if the mechanism of the infuences is a
device perverso that it hits to the shoulders like a boomerang, they play of
the references the Elder Statesmen if they fry it on myspace with a
contagious definition to the day, in this moment can be read "human sushi
burrito", the slid week when we have them contacts the adage to you was "the
Primus that play brani of the Weezer". Most appropriate, that is when the
mathematics is not trusted if same too much and it is amused to scombinare
the calculations. The Elder Statesmen is preparing their album of debut
previewed for summer 2006 and entitled Exchanging Gifts. In order to enrich
the pedigree, just today, the Stetesman plays with to two band like the
School Films and Margot and the Nuclear So & So' s to the Fletcher' s of
Baltimore. Indians-eye, thanks to the courtesy of Bob ' Panther' Reckman
propose two streaming very, good listen. - Indie Eye-Italy

"The Review"

Artist/ Band: Elder Statesmen
Title: Exchanging Gifts
Label: 2006
Year of Release: Self release
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The Review:

Just like the 70’s prog masters, Elder Statesmen took what was done in the past and combined it with different elements. Elder Statesmen, in my opinion, sounds like King crimson by way of Foo Fighters, Primus and so much more. They take complex dissonant qualities and add a accessible side to it without sacrificing anything artistic.

I just can’t get enough of Elder Statesmen, they satisfy two things I love about music…. Memorable melodies and complex song structures. In many ways they do more in short more concise songs than some of the bands that force out 20 plus minute epics.

My favorite tracks from Exchanging Gifts are Mr. Quill, which to me is the band’s signature sound. Others I like are Kayo and Miles Away. Miles Away shows the band’s almost improvisational side.

I believe that a band like Elder Statesmen can bridge a gap between the more assessable side of rock with the more creative complex dissonant side. You really must go to their page at MySpace and hear for yourself. You will be blown away by the awesome might of the Elder Statesmen! I can’t recommend this enough!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 10th, 2007


1. mr. Quill
2. Single Spark
3. Echo Man
4. Pistol Whip
5. [delirium]
6. Exchanging Gifts
7. March of the Captains
8. Kayo
9. First Law of Motion
10. Miles Away

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The Statesmen released their first full length album, 'Exchanging Gifts' in December of 2006.

They continue to write and record. Except a follow-up album sometime next year.



Elder Statesmen are a three piece rock group from Baltimore, MD. and
Philadelphia, PA. (Two of the members live in Baltimore and the other
in Philly.) Having been together for two years, The Statesmen
have released their first album in November of 2006, entitled,
"Exchanging Gifts." They are currently working on their second effort due out at the beginning of 2008. In that short time, they have shared the bill with
Dischord stalwarts Medications and Channels, indie rock darlings Margot
and the Nuclear So and So's and Beggar's Banquet recording artists Film
School. They have played in venues around Philadelphia, Wilmington,
Annapolis and Baltimore and they are slowly making their way up and down
the east coast.
An Elder Statesmen song can be a two and a half minute pop tune,
or a six minute composition with various time changes, mood swings and
grinding halts. They don't have a formula-they do what comes natural.
Noise and dissonant chords often meet captivating, addictive melodies,
backed by a crushing rhythm section, ready to turn the beat around at
any point. The music makes for an explosive and enthralling live
experience that must be seen to be appreciated.