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"Get Into the Act "El Destructo""

Since 1993, El Destruto has channeled life’s frustrations into an aggressive, cathartic mix of hardcore pink, metal and reggae in songs such as “Hot Rods to Hell,” “Witness Die,” “Napalm Plane” and Reggae Song.” It’s musical primal-scream therapy, with the emphasis on the screaming.
Wednesday night at Crocodile Rock in Allentown, the Easton-based will offer more than an outlet for pent-up emotion. Vocalist Tom Waltemyer (aka “Satan Brain” and “Mr. Mojo”) Guitartist “Angry Jim” McNally, bassist 70’s and drummer Butch, along with the ever present “Boozy Broads,” Jade and Eve, will mark the release of “Take a Ride,” the band’s second videotape.
The 45-minute video, says Waltemyer, takes the band’s performance to another level, combining extreme sports (BMX stunts, snow boarding, skateboarding), demolition derby, destruction of personal property and El Destructo’s fondness for scantily clad women who spit fire.
Waltemyer’s dedication to El Destructo, along with his love of punk-metal and its renegade lifestyle, is his business as well as his obsession. Besides running the band, Waltemyer is proprietor of Pleasure and Pain, an Easton tattoo and piercing shop; Scum Inc., the company that sells El Destructo’s videos and clothing line, and Giggle Patch Records, which releases the band’s music.
In the past, as part of the act, Waltemyer and Jade and Eve have coughed up fire and then women have twirled blazing batons. But since fatal Rhode Island fire involving great White earlier this year, “a lot of clubs are unwilling to let us do that stuff anymore,” says Waltemyer.
“We gave always approached it from a ‘what if?’ standpoint, trying to be prepared, always having fire extinguishers readily available,” he adds. “What happens Wednesday is up to {Allentown} fire marshal.”

- The Morning Call

"Punk Band Winner: El Destructo"

With a video called Hot Rods to Hell and live show that have been known to contain pyrotechnic and gyrating women, it’s no wonder that El Destructo was voted numero uno in our Punk Band category. The creators of the Scum Inc. enterprise always have something up there sleeves. For more info, see www.eldestructo.com - Pulse Weekly

"Play it Again “El Destructo”"

But it was not until El Destructo took the stage that things really ignited. Offering more then your standard angst-ridden rock and groll, El destructo delivered a fiery performance- complete with fire-breathing, a fist-pounding band to deliver the blows, and sexy dancers to fan the flames… You can say El Destructo puts on one hell of a smokin’ show. Get to know Destructo: www.eldesrtucto.comPlay it Again “El Destructo” - MusicHead


Limited Promo EP CD "Earth Bomb"

NEW LP "Something Is Definately Wrong"



EL-DESTRUCTO, founded in 1993 by frontman "SATAN BRAIN" and identical twin brother "MR. MOJO", originally started as a Ministry/WhiteZombie style industrial band. During the prenatal stages of El-Destructo, the band relied heavily on members "SCOTT (a.k.a. Fuzz) ANDREWS" and "BIG ROB DALY" for programing. After they left the band to pursue other interests, Satan Brain and Mr. Mojo restructured the group into an all live band.

Wandering in and out of limbo over the next few years, the band finally resurfaced in 1996 to record and release a garage demo. They soon found themselves powerless, losing the lead guitar player to drug addiction. Wandering in and out of limbo even more over the next few years, El-Destructo saw quite a few changes in the line up. In 1998, the original guitar player, fresh from rehab made a short lived appearance back with the band, only to leave bound for rehab once again. This time period also saw a change in drummers due to conflicts of interest. Having found a solid ally in "Lance Lucifer" (originally the bands bass player), Satan brain and Mr. Mojo once again resurrected the band from the dead. This time they apparently found the dream team. The band took on "WRONG WAY WOLINSKY" to fill the position on drums. "70's" materialized to play bass, shifting Lance Lucifer to guitar. Most recently, they gained the world renowned scratch attack of philly based "DJ Karl K" (KOLDFRONT / higher education / www.injection2012.com ), adding yet another element of mayhem to their sound. Mr. Mojo rarely appears live with the band. He reportedly suffers extreme stage fright. Together, the members deliver musical terrorism like a well placed punch in the kisser!

The band has shifted into high gear recording several tracks at SIGMA STUDIOS in Philadelphia Pa. This studio is home to such albums as the "BEE GEE'S" Saturday Night Fever sound track, "THE VILLAGE PEOPLE'S" infamous Y.M.C.A. track, "DAVID BOWIE'S" Young American, Dog Pound Rapper "KORRUPT", and too many R&B acts to even mention. Releasing a seven song CD at the end of summer 1999, El-Destructo continues making progress.

Calling Philadelphia home, the band has organized several small tours, going as far as the Black Rock Desert Nevada to play the infamous "BURNING MAN FESTIVAL". As for recording, they are currently behind schedule on releasing the much anticipated full length CD, originally hoped for (the seven song ep.was released late August 99) in the fall of 1999. Questioned on this, the band states, "El-Destructo will serve no music before it's time." We would rather take our time and release a quality product vs. rushing to meet a deadline. You set a date as a goal, then you work according to what feels best. There's well over a Cd worth of material on our set list. We want our material to be the best it can possibly be when we do release it. How many times have you puchased a bands album only to find one or two songs of substance, and the rest meaningless filler? Not to mention the fact we're doing this (the band owns the label it's released on) all on our own. It's alot of f*cking work!"

Labeling El-Destructo is no easy task. When doing so, one might find themselves using the word diverse. Styles range from old school punk (HOT RODS TO HELL), reggae (REGGAE SONG), Jazz (GREAT), gangsta punk (WITNESSES DIE), to white trash redneck rock (NAPALM PLANE). Even the early industrial format can be heard on the ep version of "RATS", currently the only song released from the early days of the band.

El-Destructo refuses to be labeled or stereotyped. The band states, "We play the music we feel like playing. This can vary greatly depending on our mood from day to day. We're usually pissed about something though. Life can be a frustrating event."

To sum up the bands live performances: love or hate these guys, you'll never forget you saw them play! One can typically expect to witness fire breathing, destruction of certain objects, and usually a few naked or scantily clad dancing girls, and other unforgetable acts.