Eldest Son

Eldest Son



Eldest Son is a hard rock group spawning from the suburbs of the Twin Cities. After four years of playing shows anywhere from teen centers to coffee shops to bars to clubs, Eldest Son has gained experience and skill. Influenced by such acts as Chevelle, Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Staind, Seether, and many others; Eldest Son takes the hard rock sound and brings it to a new level. Mixing heavy chords and fast catchy leads, Eldest Son combines many genres and creates their own specific sound. Eldest Son formed in high school, with the founding members, and has progressed since then. The band members are all still in high school but they push the limits of rock every day by forgetting their age and playing amazing, fun to listen to music. Eldest Son has played at some of the best known venues in the Twin Cities, including the Varsity Theatre and Station Four, and last year played live at the Minnesota State Fair. Eldest Son looks forward to a great future as a band and hopes to change the music scene once and for all.


Eldest Son EP (2008)

Set List

Path Of Lies
Traped Inside
These Eyes
Reaping The Benefits
Knewsong (new-sawng)
Enough material for an hour or more.