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El Diablo

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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El Diablo, grilled cheeeze
(home studio release summer 2005,)


Feeling a bit camera shy


our influences are as wide as music itself, from rock, blues, classical, renessance, metal, Irish folk, acoustic ballads, hardcore, crooner and even some country and rap.
What sets us apart from other bands is not only our music, but our show.
The idea is to get thier attention right off the bat, and then keep it, almost as if they were hypnotized, by rhythmic beats, hard grindin guitar, rippin vocal ability an dance, by thier longhaired rockin frontman, who requires audience participation.

Joe Waller(unknown) and Pat lorang (of free beer, and Mr. Salty fame) met in 1997 at a job and started talking about music, eventually jammin together, and from that moment they knew they had something special. Three months later, fate separated them for 7 years only to reunite them in the same job together, and decided to start their idea again as if it were only yesterday, and...thus El Diablo was born.

20 original songs later, and connecting with
Derrik of Hole in the Day, and James " Jimmy Shrapnel" of Ice, Thin Ice, and Mr. Salty fame,
they have become known as one of the Hotest powerful bands around recieving rave reviews from thier listeners,
....(and the ladies love the show too)

Bassist Derrick "Husky Dawg" Tellier cut his teeth in the Mankato, MN bar scene playing bass and writing for the Floyd-on-steroids, progressive rock band Hole in the Day. This three piece blended aspects of metal and spoken word poetry, attacking such subjects as religious zealotry and terror. The band's self titled debut was its only release. After the demise of Hole in the Day, Husky Dawg teamed with singer-songwriter Boots LeBoutillier to form the acoustic duo, The Boot Dawg Band. Also based in Mankato, The Boot Dawg Band charmed audiences with their Tenacious D style comedy rock and Irish drinking songs. Since completing a standing room only tour of north, central Iowa (Hell yeah!), the band is currently on hiatus and seeks to regroup on a part-time basis in Minneapolis. Husky Dawg is now the bass basher for Minneapolis-based El Diablo, an eighties inspired whiskey rock band that parties and arouses women with Van Halen-like ecstacy.

"Husky Dawg" plays five-string Washburn basses, Crate bass cabinets, Hartke heads and Dean Markey Blue Steel strings.

Pat uses Gibson Les Paul, and Warmoth guitars with EMG pickups, line 6 amps, and
Ernie Ball strings

Joe uses Sennheiser evo mics

Jimmy "shrapnel" uses Tama and Roland drums, Zyldjian cymbals, and dw pedels