Blue Eyed Son

Blue Eyed Son


Eldon Eric Blue is a song writer, passionate singer, and guitarist dying to find a place in the sun for his diverse music. With 65 songs to date, he just keeps writing with his band, "Blue Eyed Son"


Eldon Eric Blue is a Harvard trained lyricist and songwriter, poet and writer. He is constantly driven by his own muse (or personal demons) to write music that somehow could connect him with the world at large. From riff based songs inspired by Zeppelin to Jet, to the simple melody that, like the beatles or dylan, touches something so deep that you never forget and constantly go back to it in your time of need.

All in all "Blue Eyed Son" is in love with music and the power music has and believe they have written, or have yet to write the next great American rock and roll song.


Eldon Eric and his Evil Twin, 2005 (LP)

Set List

have material for 120 minutes