Eldo Ray Estes

Eldo Ray Estes



Electronic/Dance Music Artist seeking label representation.


Written On Your Lips

Written By: Estes

New York nights without you can really drill holes in my heart.
Couples walking arm in arm throwing kisses in the dark.
My eyes, they look for traces, even a remnant of you.
They weed through a thousand faces on the avenue.
But you're gone and I know that I've gotta be strong.
I'm not gonna play second best.
I can't call. I can't write.
I can't send an S.O.S.
There's no need for words when it's Written On Your Lips.

Solitary stereo...that's what I'm about.
What you've done has rubbed the taste of love from my mouth.
My friends keep telling me I cannot let the feelings show.
So all I do is face the music and dance the night alone.


I know in my heart that you're the only one.

New York nights without you can really tear me up inside.
Walking home, I'm on my own. Another chance denied.
Disillusionment and bitterness, they have me all consumed.
I'll dim the light and draw the blinds and sit helpless in my room.