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Written By: Eldren

We went to watch the sun come up, the city in love.
But when we touched, it was too much for both of us.

We come to see all the world as a mirror,
Show us a light and put us to sleep.

Starry Eyes

Written By: Eldren

Starry eyed day dreamer
Paint me a picture of what it feels like
Salty tongue, bright lights
Indescribable feeling
Then it dies and you cry

Stormy nights all summer
But the show's still on
Is your mind gone.

Repeat the cycle, kill the passion
This can't last more than a month or two

Disintegrated, your thoughts have faded, and I don't feel so bad
Morning after figure out why that feeling left you behind
I know something's better than nothing
If you could only hold onto that something a little longer

Sorry dearest color chaser...
The race is over and I don't feel so bad

Don't feel so bad

Sorry dearest D-day Dreamer
Dream away...

My Life

Written By: Eldren

Smiling, staring at the sun
White lies told to you and everyone
Just fine...feeling better than before
Alright, call the number on the door

Stopping yourself from breaking your heart
Sitting for years singing along
Writing down words just to throw them away
If you can't say sorry just go on and say...
This is not my life

Speak now, though my time is almost through
Slow down, its the reflection of the moon
Hold on to someone if you dare
Hold on...

Stopping your life from breaking apart
Sitting for years picking along
Writing down words just to throw them away
If you can't say sorry just go on and say
This is not my life
This is not my life

Wide eyed
Smiling, singing to your son
White lies
Fool yourself because you're dumb

Just fine
I know you haven't been so good
I'll see you the day you're done