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Rumours of War-LP-2006



It is apparent when listening to the tunes, Eldridge has found freedom in letting their influences flow freely while still approaching their music with a uniquely congruent onslaught. Somehow, they manage to blend post-hardcore urgings, indie chord voicings, brutal anthems that make your vocal chords ache just hearing them, truly classic guitar harmonies, and intimate balladesque segues, and so forth, all with a songwriting foundation that could easily stand on its own if performed with nothing but an acoustic guitar.

bedtime stories are not supposed to be unsettling to the heart.
we read them to lay us gently down and wait for our dreams.
but that's not always what we need.
sometimes, we need a life wrecker
to shake us up.
a monster to chew us up
and then spit us out
before we are willing to let our souls be
as big as they want to be.

For Chris Goodwin, lead singer, guitarist & bassist of the Sugar Land band, Eldridge, those words are a reality.

"Growth has rarely, if ever, come to me during easy times. It seems to always be in the rougher seasons that I manage to see who I really am. I know what I can handle. I know what I can accomplish. I've been traveling and playing music professionally for over 8 years now. I know in the big scheme of things, that's not very long...but right now I'm 24. and I've been through enough to have at least an idea of who, what, and where I want to be. For me, Eldridge a big part of expressing that."

The rest of the Eldridge lineup share the same mentality regarding their lives, profession, and the music that they make. Guitarist Nolan Burke and drummer Dan Payne complete the trio.

"We are just 3 dudes trying to make the biggest music we can. Being a power trio means there's less of us, so we have to play louder and work harder to keep up with everyone else. But like I said, we can handle it." says Goodwin.

Success comes easily for this power trio. Eldridge has a large following thanks to the success Christopher and Dan have had touring hundreds of times with previous bands. Goodwin has also performed with the likes of Korn, Evanesence, Atreyu, Flyleaf, and HellYeah on The Family Values Tour as the lead guitarist of The Last Starfighter. Christopher and Dan were also in a previous band that soared to #9 on the R&R charts in 2003 named The Modern Day John. Eldridge also has been nominated for best album (Rumours of War) and best song (Recognition of a Failing Heartbeat) in the state of Texas by 94.5FM The Buzz out of Houston.

All of their hard work along the way has seemed to pan out well for them. The lineup was completed in July of 2006, and they immediately went to work on their October 2006 release, Rumours Of War. It wasn't long before the album was receiving Texas radio airplay and widespread online digital distribution.

Rumors of War has what any release requires in order to be a steadfast force in music: solid songwriting, performance, and production. Surprisingly enough, the album was recorded by the band themselves. To top it off, their live show lacks none of the impressiveness. With standout tracks like "Carousel," look for Eldridge to be a major leader in the rock landscape for years to come.

Eldridge has found a way to make music that evokes a spirit of originality and refreshment, while being relevant to today's popular music.

Don't be surprised to find yourself listening and wondering whether you've heard the song on national radio before, because the truth is you haven't... yet.