El Drifte

El Drifte


Kick ass garage honky tonk and raw boned punkabilly music!!


Minnesota born and bred, road schooled, and rooted in Austin, TX. Songwriter, singer, strummer, bandleader, ordained minister; El Drifte rides hard to bring his brand of roots and alternative honky tonk, and strip down punkabilly music to the people, even officiating a wedding here and there when called upon. Independent, organic, and 100% prime!

El Drifte IS the Drifting Reverend!!

Conjuring up his many musical influences, he combines everything from Bob Wills to Patsy Cline to Elvis Presley to Chuck Berry to Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson to Gram Parsons to The Beach Boys to R.E.M. to Joan Jett to Social Distortion to Reverend Horton Heat to Lucinda Williams....and on back again, with many more stops in between. A lyrical story teller and an infectious song writer, he ropes you in with his undeniable sound! You'll wipe away a tear after a sad honky tonk ballad, then jump to the floor with heat in your feet to a raucous foot stompin' beat!

Starting out in the late 1980's and early 1990's playing in bar bands on the rock and roll scene of Minneapolis and the upper midwest, he then spent 10 years tearing up the highways as lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and principal song writer of the now infamous punk band Fallopian Plummers. Landing in Austin in 1994 he began to cut his honky tonk chops with the cream of the Texas crop; returning to Minneapolis for an additional 10 years, wherein he began his own project: El Drifte. And now he has returned to the highways and byways of America, with roots replanted in Austin.

Whether crooning sweet and slow to the dance floor, blowing the roof right off of another sleazy juke joint dive, or officiating the marriage vows of two starry eyed lovers in the wind, El Drifte is burning up the blacktop everywhere he goes!

The Drifting Reverend IS El Drifte!!

His witty lyricism and catchy melodies intertwine to make a powerful sound, ripe for the ages; all at once old and new. His words combine an aged wisdom and profound emotion with the occasional deviant's humor, all of which make his music accessible to just about everyone, regardless of age or personal taste.


Drunk On Jenny Lynn

Written By: Rev. Jeremy J. Jaros

I stumbled out the door and I staggered up the block
My head was spinning round and round and I could barely walk
I hopped into that car of mine and fumbled with the keys
One eye shut and high as hell I sped out on the street

About a half a mile I spied the cherries on my back
They put the handcuffs on and asked how many I'd tipped back
"Officer", I said, "I swear I haven't had a drop
"I'm drunk on Jenny Lynn and I don't want to sober up"

Her girl like charm is so intoxicating
My knees go weak and my heart just starts to racing
Some people ask me why I choose to live a life of sin
I tell them I'm not drinking, I'm just drunk on Jenny Lynn

I pick her up and take her for a night out on the town
We turn the city on its heels out making all the rounds
I like the High Life but she drinks that ol' Pabst Blue Ribbon
But I don't mind because I'm just getting drunk on Jenny Lynn

I take her hand and we get lost deep in each other's eyes
I kiss her and she whispers in my ear long breathless sighs
If you haven't seen me and you wonder where I've been
I'm laying in the garden getting drunk on Jenny Lynn


Written By: Rev. Jeremy J. Jaros

You said you love me then you walked away
You said that you just didn't feel the same
I cried and begged but it was way too late to hold onto you

Now this empty house is way too big
My one companion is the TV screen
I want to call you but I know you won't pick up the phone

You made me breathless but now I can't breathe
It gave me life but now it's become the death of me
When you stole your love from me

I'm headed south bound for San Antone
I'm tired of sitting in this room all alone
Because everything in this godamn town reminds me of you

Kansas City's just around the bend
This town will always make me think of when
I came back home for you and swept you up off your feet again

My Loverina's gone away from me
And our sweet happiness is just a faded memory
Loverina, where can you be

Purple And Green

Written By: Rev. Jeremy J. Jaros

Purple and green
Are the colors I'm seeing
Riding down a back street
In a little Texas town

I hear a dinner bell whine
I guess it must be dinner time
I think I'll stretch my legs a while
In this one horse town

It's February now and the snow is falling down
But here in this little town you'll find spring time all year round

Desert prairie blue
Wild flower's sweet perfume
How I have longed for you
Little Texas town

Steel guitars play
Hear the fiddles bend and sway
Spanish guitar night and day
In this Texas town

King Of Love

Written By: Rev. Jeremy J. Jaros

Yesterday you told me baby
You're not the lovin' kind
No huggin' and no kissin'
You said I just ain't your type
But, my dear, I beg to differ
I'm every woman's kind
So come by and give me a try
I swear I'll change your mind

He may give you diamond rings
But don't you know that I'm the king of love

Then last night we uncorked a bottle
And turned the lights down low
We started up the phonograph
And started dancing slow
Then you melted in my arms
When I licked you on the neck
I felt your heart racing
And you couldn't catch your breath

I wasn't trying anything
But, baby, you could not deny the king of love

I will do the "Missionary"
I'll do the "From Behind"
I'll do the "Backstroke"
So you can jump on and take a ride
If you want to know my number
It's number 69
I'm ordering the oysters, girl
I eat them all the time

And when I get you in the sheets
I'm gonna treat you like the queen of love

Some girls will always say yes
And some will tell you no
Some girls will stay out all night long
And some get up and go
But no matter what them girls do
I'm gonna make you mine
And love you every morning,
afternoon, and every night

Sweet baby you could be my queen
If you'd just let me be your king of love

Take Me Back To Texas

Written By: Rev. Jeremy J. Jaros

Hanging out in Austin
Having fun out in the sun
I made out with her in the back seat of my car

Down by the Alamo
Way down south, said San Antone
Baby, baby that's where you won my heart

Take me back to Texas where the air stays warm at night
Oh how I long to see her spread across the desert in the pale moonlight
I need to see her, I need to be with her

We walked together down the blue bonnet lane
I wondered if we'd ever get any rain
But the sun beat down and the temperature kept on rising

In December the air turned cold
And I got crazy and I lost control
But I wasn't thinking clearly and I can't stop apologizing


El Drifte self titled EP