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Eleanor Angel

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Band Folk Acoustic


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Eleanor Angel barely steps a foot wrong in the course of her 45-minute set. Vying for the title of Brisbane’s next folk princess, Angel displays some remarkable acoustic guitar work that she wraps around some well-written songs about love lost, love found and other metaphorical happenings with the help of a drummer and a cellist.

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"Eleanor Angel"

“It has been a bizarre but wonderful transition from playing solo,” Angel begins. “Many songwriters I know say they prefer playing in a band because they feel that the songs are completed by it – a sum of the parts type thing. I feel the reverse because I pour a lot of detail into my guitar parts that is easily lost in a thicker texture. It’s hard to find a good balance at times but I am really lucky to be working with the wonderful musicians that I am because they are very sensitive to what will work in each song. My drummer Dave Kemp said he feels like he’s playing in a chamber ensemble rather than a ‘band’ – which is kind of how I see it too.”
Two years in the making, Angel says her new album Rain On The Street is a reflective and somewhat meditative piece of a large part of her life.
“It took me a long time to put together for a number of reasons – money, time and organising to have the number of people I eventually had play on the album. I had a vision for the songs individually rather than the album as a whole, so each song received special treatment in a way. The result is a really eclectic album, although I think it all hangs together well. When you are a solo artist and you are getting people to play as session musicians on your work, rather than from a band where you are used to working together and know all the songs, it can take time to get the right feel.”
“I think the album is very lyrics focused and I tried to reflect the lyrics through little harmonic changes and shifts. A simple example would be the last song on the album called ‘The Water’ which was written about trip on a rowboat. The guitar rhythm is supposed to represent a boat bobbing up and down in the water.”
Who: Eleanor Angel
What: Rain On The Street (Independent)
Where & When: The Troubadour Sunday May 3 - Timeoff Magazine

"ELEANOR ANGEL – Rain On The Street"

ELEANOR ANGEL – Rain On The Street
Brisbane songstress tests her wings
Though her main instrument is acoustic guitar, Brisbane singer-songwriter Eleanor Angel isn’t your typical folk troubadour. Instead, she surrounds her delicate songs with the comforting sounds of restful piano and discreet strings which, when added to her airy rise-and-fall vocals, can appear quite lulling in tone. She has had university training in classical voice and it shows in both her delicate flutter and the more soaring flights of fancy she embarks on with this debut album. Two years in the making, it could be described as genteel folk with a post-classical sheen aiming for a certain restrained elegance. Angel cites influences as diverse as Joni Mitchell and John Coltrane, Jeff Buckley and Tom Jobim, and certain aspects of those performers can be gleaned from both her sweetened delivery and the sedate instrumental backing. More immediately, though, she reminds me in parts of another Brisbane vocal innovator, George’s Katie Noonan when she steps out of the pop field. Angel brings all these aspects together in tracks like Colour Of Filled Silence and Higher, a cultured blend of folk, classical, jazz and the more refined side of pop. If confidence counts for anything, Eleanor Angel is prepared to take off.
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"Eleanor Angel"

Eleanor Angel
Brisbane talents performing Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and Bob Dylan songs in pirate costumes? An intrigued DENIS SEMCHENKO speaks to a Murder Ballads participant – acoustic songstress ELEANOR ANGEL.

Hear ye Brisbanites! Murder Ballads: Chapter One, an all-singing, all-playing, all-costumed extravaganza cometh to the Judith Wright Centre in Fortitude Valley this Saturday 10th of October (insert big, booming voice and bell chime here)! ... Erm, I’m going to save the town crier-related business for my other story. On the phone to Rave, Brisbane-based acoustic circle darling Eleanor Angel is keen to talk about the event promising a fair number of cult song renditions as well as appropriately-themed originals – but she wouldn’t reveal all about it.

An established artist in her own right with a second album on the way (a follow-up to 2008’s lovely Rain On The Street), Eleanor’s bell-toned vocals and fingerpicked nylon-string guitar are steadily resonating outside Brisbane – especially in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland.
“I’ve been to places like Maleny and I’ve done a couple nights in Melbourne with Emma Dean, which was really cool,” she says. “I love playing in Maleny – the audience are awesome, the organisers are really lovely and I just like the whole concept of The Upfront Club in that it’s a community-run venue co-owned by a hundred different people and apparently they’ve got a 100-year lease. It’s one of those venues that are completely dedicated to music and everyone who goes there, they pay attention to the music; my music works better in the sort of quiet venues where people are paying attention, so it’s always great up there.”
Having virtually travelled one hundred kilometres up the coast, I speed back to Brissy with a question on Eleanor’s progress rate for her sophomore full-length.
“It’s finished – it’s all been done apart from the printing and I was going to launch it at [the recent Sunday afternoon gig at] The Powerhouse, but I’ve decided do postpone it because the mixing wasn’t quite finished,” she shoots back. “I’m really excited but it looks like I’m going to wait until next year to launch it because everything’s dead in November-December, so I’ll probably have to wait until February. I might do a gig with the Pioneers Of Flight before Christmas … we’ll see what happens”
MURDER BALLADS: CHAPTER ONE featuring ELEANOR ANGEL, The Good Ship, Mexico City, Roz Pappalardo And The Wayward Gentlemen and Edward Guglielmino takes place at The Judith Wright Centre from 6.30pm on Saturday Oct 10, tickets are available from $22-28.
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Rain On The Street 2009

Face to Face (public release 2010).



Brisbane songstress Eleanor Angel is a stunning vocalist who weaves elements of classical voice, jazz and folk with a sense of bittersweet introspection. Her arrangements have an elegant simplicity, structured around the fingerstyle guitar of her live performances and augmented by lush, spacious sting arrangements and soft percussion.

Eleanor started out as a busker at the tender age of seven, pounding out tunes on her violin to bleary eyed passers by on the streets of Melbourne.
Now an accomplished vocalist and guitarist, Eleanor has performed her original material all over Queensland and Melbourne and as far abroad as Germany and Mexico alongside mentionable names such as Angie Hart, Sophie Koh, Emma Dean, Shenton Gregory (Electric Stunt Orchestra, Fourplay) and many more.
Angel was always the charismatic girl on the fringes, whose classical background collided spectacularly with her love of pop and jazz music. She managed to love The Beatles, Miles Davis, Portishead, Joni Mitchell and renaissance style a cappella simultaneously. Happily, Angel’s voice accommodated her diverse tastes, enabling a boldly feminine, confident approach to both composition and performance.

Eleanor is joined by percussionist Dave Kemp (Latin Vibe), cellist Kathy Baker and Acoustic Bass player Lee Peters. Together the four artists weave an enchanting and vibrant acoustic landscape.

They have played at many venues including The Brisbane Powerhouse, Manchester Lane, The Woodford Folk Festival, Fete de la Musique, The National Folk Festival, and she commonly performs at Queensland venues such as The Troubadour, Rics & The Upfront Club (Maleny). Upcoming gigs include shows with Canadian Songstress Ann Vriend at the Wesley Ann (Vic) and Rics (Qld).
Having just completed her second album ‘Face to Face’ (set for launch May 16th), Eleanor plans to celebrate the release of her new material with an east coast tour of Australia. She is set to team up with wonderful Melbourne band “The Tealeaves” and many other talented interstate and local acts.