Electa Villain

Electa Villain


Fierce experimental rock to alternative pop, often infused with electronic beats and vintage samples. Led by strong, sultry vocals and a rhythm section with a creative foundation, Electa Villain creates music in the spirit of bands such as Radiohead and TV On The Radio.


Electa Villain produces a sound that is a beautiful infusion of everything they love about the past...and what they wish to offer the future. From epic rock ballads soaring over electronic beats to post rock psychedelia, Electa Villain is a truly unique band in todays music scene.

Justin Allmett's tenacious voice and emotional songs are well complimented by the soft distortions and creative bass lines of C.k. Koch. Jay Murphy ties the group together with experimental electronic beats and a soul for rock drumming. With each member constantly moving around the stage to different instruments and gadgets, Electa Villain's live show capture's the audience's imagination, and strives to make them move.

Electa Villain is in the final stages of releasing it's first full length album, Synthestate, in the spring of 2009. The band's debut EP, The Electa Villain EP, was released in early 2005 to critical acclaim. Currently, Electa Villain is in their private studio located in Atlanta, GA., working on their second full length release.


Synthestate - scheduled release 4/1/09
The Electa Villain EP - released 3/1/05

Set List

Electa Villain can play a set up to 1 1/2 hours, unless a longer set is requested in advance.