Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR

“The best new band in Israel” (Time Out Tel Aviv)
"The best of SXSW 2011" (Paste magazine)
"A massive R&R act... Not the next big thing but the current big thing" (Yedioth Aharonot, Israel's largest daily)
"Its their time to concur Israel, then the world"
(Israel Today)


Hailed as the unlikely new middle east must-watch rock’n'roll act (“The best new band in Israel”, Time Out Tel Aviv), Electra is definitely following the Kasbah Rock tradition combining the raw live energy of the likes of The Clash with an activist agenda, a reflection of this troubled part of the world in which they live. This band is about passion, anger and fun, mixed together and poured into jagged guitar pop tunes that varies from ’50s rockabilly to ’60s harmonies, and on to snotty punk and far beyond, with a current and vibrant edge.

Electra injects adrenalin and charisma to the veins of the growing music scene in the happening city of Tel Aviv and now they are “Coming to Get You!”, as their massive hit single declares.

This trio is known in their home country as the busiest band on the road, where they have earned a strong and devoted following. The band’s album, Heartbreaks for Fools, was released in July 2010 on Anova Records to a buzz of media attention, and received great praise from music critics (“A huge band. Not the next big thing but the current one”, Yedioth Achronoth, Israel’s largest daily).

It’s the song craft, the unique combination of influences, bawdy, rollicking melodies and stylish appeal that made Electra reach top positions in the major radio charts – that used to be dominated by mellow mainstream acts – with the three singles the band have put out this year. In March 2011 they released Songs They Taught Electra EP that contains 6 cover versions to the band’s range of influences, from Desmond Dekker’s “The Israelites” to Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”.

Electra were invited to open up for The Fall and Art Brut in early 2011, headed to the SXSW Festival where they got raving reviews (“Paste magazine top 50 bands in SXSW 2011”), and then went on the play some successful shows in New York City (“hyper-maniacal trio, All bony elbows and jagged guitars”, My Old Kentucky Blog).

Last October they returned to the U.S for a cross country tour which included acclaimed performances at the Culture Collide festival in L.A & CMJ in NY ("these guys fuse rockabilly, punk, and Brit pop, reminding us of the Arctic Monkeys or the Fratellis, in the best possible way", LA Weekly).

The band are currently working on their US tour for Spring 2012 and their European tour for Summer 2012.


Heartbreaks For Fools 2010 (Anova Records)
Songs They Taught Electra EP 2011 (Anova Records)