Our sound is fresh and laced with that all important tonal trade mark. We’re known for our smooth, flawless, vocal harmony blend, ElectraFying stage performance and 'sexational .Simply put, we are entertaining professionals with that special ability to reach out to a wide array of audiences.


Kerry :

Kerry has lived in Middlesex pretty much all her life. She's been acting, singing and dancing from the age of 6 and this definitely shows with her 'Gary Barlow' skills of song writing and piano playing!! She's a fairly laid back kind of gal who gets on with practically everyone, loves to have fun and also loves meeting new peeps. Some people say she's loud, some people say she's quiet…. some people even say she a bit secretive and doesn't really give too much away… in her own words she says she's like a pringle when it comes to talking... "Once I pop... i can't stop...", Above all, she's honest and caring...... Besides her massive dedication to music, her family, friends and boyfriend (Lee, formerly from Steps! and now ½ of the amazing 'The Latch') are the most important things in her life…her Welsh family roots bring out the family girl in her!

The Cute and innocent one you may say….don't be fooled…this girl's talent is big!

Lisa :

The Irish one! Yes every girl group needs one! Ha-ha...

Lisa moved to London two years ago to follow her dream in a career in music.

A major background in theatre and Dance from the age of 3 gave her the bug for stardom.

A miss N Ireland finalist and past gymnast Lisa loves performing on stage and playing to the crowd…

Like Kerry, Family is a very important part of her life…. And coming from a very musical family….it isn't much a surprise that Lisa is now part of this fab new line up!

No stranger to the media, Lisa works for a TV company and also dates kids TV presenter David Payne.

Lisa is very talkative and definitely the life and soul of any party! The only time she's not smiling is when she's sleeping! She's the one with a bit of everything all in … hard working, loyal, caring and a great friend…fantastic traits to complete the line up.


Going to the same school, Emma and Kerry have known each other for years!

Emma is a petite and an absolutely stunning Londoner with Portuguese roots! Adding that va va voom to her style!

She's funky and cool and keeps the girls up with the vibes! Her major background in dance adds a certain funky edge to the group.

Think Tanned skin, big brown eyes and cute curls….butter wouldn't melt eh?

Think again…this girl adds that all important attitude to the music!